How many megapixels does the human eye have?

Technology is faster than ever. It’s possible to see it every point of world. What we use daily from this technological development is electronic devices. Cameras are one of them. It’s possible to see over 40 megapixels cameras on the market. But if an eye have a capacity for processing megapixel, what is the meaning of more megapixels. So How many megapixels does the human eye have?

Eye is a real miracle. Scientists have big researchers over the human body. Almost all the organs can be duplicated. But eye is the hardest part in the human body to make a duplicate one.

There are also researchers about an eye’s capacity. It’s possible to say accurate numbers for an eye’s capacity. But it’s possible to make simple calculations to find it.

In the calculation process, first of all we must know that eye is not a photographer. It’s a video recorder. Also we have two eyes and their signals are combining in the brain.

Megapixel capacity of the eye is also consists on where and how you are looking. Opening the eyelids more means to see a picture more. So in a normal position with 90-90 angle to see an image, human eye see 576 megapixels.

There’s also a size that an eye photos in a second. It’s hard to calculate it certain, but a simple calculation say a detailed view means a photograph over 10 gigabyte to process for brain every second. So it’s impossible to process such big photos sending to processor every second in today’s computers.

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