How many cancer types are effecting teens?

Cancer is one of the most dangerous and common illnesses in the world. Cancer is mainly an uncontrolled growth of cells. It mostly starts in one area and spreads with bloodstream to other areas of body. Today it’s possible to see over 200 main cancer types in the world. It’s commonly believed that cancer is the illnesses of older people. People believed that cause of aging and problems overriding systems, older people get cancer easier than teens and young. But today, effects of devices, natural factors and other reasons made possible cancers in teens. How many cancer types are effecting teens?

It’s possible to see all cancer types in any age. Only rare cancers are belonging to age or race. But today, there are some cancer types that effect teen and young people more than ever. These types of cancer mostly occur in cell growth problems in teens.
Osteosarcoma is the main cancer type possible to see on teens and young nowadays. It’s one of the main types of bone cancer. It’s believed that longer people are getting this cancer mostly because of growth spurts but it’s also possible to see it in short teens. Osteosarcoma in teens mostly starts with pain in arm. Cancer spread faster on teens than older. Main treatment way is taking the tumor lib out but it’s very problematic for young people. Chemotherapy is another treatment way but it causes hair loss and other symptoms hard to carry for teens.
Another common cancer type of teens nowadays is Ewing’s Sarcoma. It’s a bone cancer like Osteosarcoma. Mostly occurs in pelvis and legs. Today treatment of Ewing’s Sarcoma is making by combination of chemotherapy and surgery. It’s possible to beat Ewing’s Sarcoma with this combination on lots of teens.

Leukemia was mostly seen on children but today it’s possible to see in young and teens. Cancer occurs when abnormal white blood cells goes into bone marrow or enter the bloodstream. This abnormal white blood cells starts to change the main process of blood and production. In last period of cancer, cancer starts to effect blood’s carrying oxygen. Main symptoms of Leukemia are Anemia, infections and bone pain. Main treatment way of Leukemia is chemotherapy. Stem cell transplantation is also using for treatment.
Brain tumors on teens were also rare for twenty years ago but its frequent today. Main brain tumors seen today in teens are ependymomas and astrocytomas. These kinds of tumors mostly grow in brain but they don’t spread to other organs. Main treatment way is surgery but it’s also important where the tumor is and how big it is. After last researches on treatment, it’s today possible to be cured brain tumors in teens in most cases.

Lymphoma is the cancer of lymphatic system. Cancer mostly has seen on thymus, tonsils and more lymphatic system tools. Hodgkin’s lymphoma is seen mostly in teens caught to Lymphoma. Doctors mostly prefer chemotherapy as the treatment way of Lymphoma.
Testicular cancer was very rare on teens in 80s. But today it’s a frequent cancer. It mostly affects 15 to 35 years old. If treated early, it’s possible to cure testicular cancer in youth mostly.

There are lots of researches why cancer is more frequent than ever in young and teens. It’s hard to find the exact and only one reason of cancer. But main ecological problems, mobile phones, computers and more is known as the main reasons of cancer in teens. Early diagnose is very important for teens because they are luckier to beat cancer in young ages. But side effects of chemotherapy and other treatment ways are effecting teens for all their life.

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