How Many Plays Did Christopher Marlowe Write?

Are you interested in literature? Do you read the literary works of the history? Do you know the most valuable literature in the world? When we look at the whole world, there are lots of people who are addicted to the literature and it can be said that they cant live without reading a literary work even in a day. At this point, from the long history meanwhile from the invention of the script, people have been writing in order to express their feelings and in the history it is possible to see that there are lots of different and high quality writers in the literature.


At this point, there are lots of writers and poets that live too many years ago in spite of the fact that people even today are respecting them and their works that are related to the literature are take very important role in the field of the literature. There are millions of the people who are reading those kind of the literature. More specifically, today we are going to make a short analysis about the English literature and a playwright whose name is Christopher Marlowe.


A Short Information about Christopher Marlowe and His Playwrights


When we look at the English literature, there are lots of different playwrights that affect the whole English history and it can be said that easily, their head is William Shakespeare and in English literature Shakespeare is accepted as the keystone of the English Literature. When we look at the contemporaries of the William Shakespeare we can see the name of Christopher Marlowe, he is also one of the most important figure of English Literature, now we are going to make a short analysis about him and his plays that he write. The period of that he live corresponds to the period of Renaissance. If we look at what the Renaissance is we can see that it is a movement between the periods of Middle Era and Reformation and it is possible to see there are lots of new innovations in the period of Renaissance. That date is corresponds to the 15th and 16th century and when we look at the place where is the Renaissance is take place, we can see the country of Italy. In the period of Renaissance, we can see the lots of innovations in the fields of literature, art, picture and other fields. At this point, Christopher Marlowe is one of the most important figure that affect the period of Renaissance with his contemporary William Shakespeare. Christopher Marlowe is very good at writing plays and when we look at the number of the plays that he write in his time, we can see that he has 7 different plays and they are very important in spite of their number is very few. Their names are:

Dido, Queen of Carthage (c.1586) (possibly co-written with Thomas Nashe)

Tamburlaine, part 1 (c.1587)

Tamburlaine, part 2 (c.1587–1588)

The Jew of Malta (c.1589)

Doctor Faustus (c.1589, or, c.1593)

Edward II (c.1592)

The Massacre at Paris (c.1593)


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