How Many Countries are there that are using the Sharia as Law System?

What do you think about the different law systems in the world? What can be the best law system that is available in the world now? Which law system is the most widespread system in the world today? As all we know, from the beginning of the humanity, the people have been living together and in order to keep their rights there is an obligation that people have to set some different rules in order to regulate the system of the civilization and the living standards of their people. At that point, from the history there have been lots of the different systems that are related to law and some of the has been disappeared and some of the new law systems are emerged and it seems that in the future the new law systems will be emerged and some of the available law systems will be disappeared. At that point, today we are going to make a short analysis about the Islamic law system and the number of the different countries that are ruled by the Sharia. 


When we say that the Islamic law system, as we can understand from the name of it, the roots of the system is based upon the rules of the religion of the Islam. When we look at the rules of this system, it is possible to see that the rules are very strict and some of the countries in the world are using this system in their countries as law system. Since the beginning of the Islam, from the eight and ninth centuries this law system has been using in some Islamic countries. Some countries have been using the system from the beginning of the Islam but on the other hand some others have accepted it after some time the beginning of the Islam. Some of the countries are accepting the system as a whole without making any difference but on the other hand some of the others are using it by making some differences and the changes. We can say that they are making the law a bit soft. But generally, the Islamic law system is a strict law system. For example; when somebody steal something of other there are some warnings in the law system but if that person is continuing to make the same thing the fingers of that person is cut. There are some strict applications like that. When we look at the number of the different countries that are ruled by the Sharia we can say that, there are 31 different countries in the whole world that has Islamic laws and the names of those countries are like in that list: Country




 Burkina Faso




 Cote d’Ivoire


















 Sierra Leone









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