How many people die of cancer each day?

Cancer is a broad group of diseases. Its reason is mostly known as unregulated cell growth problem. Cell’s unordinary movement creates tumors and these tumors generally spread by lymphatic system or blood. Cancer is one of the most widen fatal diseases all over the world. How many people die of cancer each day?

Every day over 3.000 people are diagnosing as cancer in America. It’s over 20.000 in world. Lung cancer is the most seen cancer type because of smoking and other weather problems.

There are some treatment ways using today for cancer. But they have also lots of side effects. Treatment methods are surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and palliative care.

Primary treatment method is surgery. Main aim is taking the tumor with biopsies. Some surgeries need to take whole organ or area but some cancers are possible to recover by taking lymph nodes.

Chemotherapy is mainly using after surgery. But some cancers are possible to recover by only drugs. Especially in breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and certain lung cancers, chemotherapy has benefits at all.

Radiation therapy is another way of cancer treatment. This method is about sending ionizing radiation to tumor. It’s very rare to use radiation therapy alone. But there are some researches that early head and neck cancer may recover by only radiation.

Palliative care is not a treatment method like others. Its main aim is to lessen the problems and pain for making the cancer people feel better.

Against all treatments and other ways to recover, every day over 1.500 people are dying from cancer over the world.

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