How many types of hyperactivity disorder are there?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD with its abbreviation is a situation mostly affects children and sometimes continues in adolescent period to adulthood. There’s no definite information about the number of ADHD but experts believe that %10 of all c My Ex Long Distance Gf Is Coming Back hildren have this problem. School-aged children are mainly affecting from problem. In90s, experts believe that ADHD stops with going to adolescent area from childhood but today it’s a common belief that ADHD is continuing in adult ages. There are some main symptoms of ADHD and today ADHD patients are classifying in types. How many types of hyperactivity disorder are there?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder’s main symptoms are concentrating, not paying enough attention to problems, slogging to follow directions and boring on finishing tasks easily. Their movements are mostly impulsive and they don’t think about their own or environment’s security while they are moving. Children mostly show ADHD symptoms on lessons.
ADHD problematic children and adults have some difficulties in activities like time management, goal setting and organizational skills. Some of them face problems on relationships and self-esteem.
Today there are three types of ADHD and also three types of ADHD symptoms. Main ADHD symptoms are categorized as inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. If a child has inattention problem first of all he’s easily distracted. Also he has some problem on following tasks and mostly finishing them. Careless mistakes are a sign of ADHD because child does not pay attention to anything. Forgetting is also a sign move of ADHD. They mostly forget important daily activities and mostly forget her items and remember only when he needs them. In hyperactivity symptom, child is very hard to sit and listen or play, talks excessively and mostly don’t wait talking person. In impulsivity symptom, child doesn’t stop himself listen to talker to the end and can’t wait his turn.
Also ADHD person faces problems like chronic forgetfulness, chronic boredom and anxiety. Mostly anxiety on ADHD child continues to adulthood. He also gets difficulties in reading and some of them are easily enters depression.

According to American Psychiatric Association, there are three types of ADHD for diagnosing. They are ADHD, Combined Type, ADHD, Predominantly Inattentive Type and ADHD, Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Type.

Today cause of ADHD is still doesn’t know. But it’s known that social and physical environments, some genetic effects and diet is causing ADHD types.
Genetic is an important topic for ADHD because researches showed that some genes are affecting dopamine transporters from birth to death. Today some important researchers believe that LPHN3 gene is causing %9 of all ADHD patient symptoms.
Today there are two main treatment ways for ADHD. One of them is medical treatment and other is combination of medical and behavioral therapy treatment. It’s a truth that 9 of 10 children treated with medical and behavior therapy combination showed high process in solving problems. Doctors mostly offer drugs like Ritalin and Concerta, Dextrostat and Vyvanse. Especially the newest drug Vyvanse is amphetamine type and surprising with its high effect. Also Intuniv and Strattera drugs are using for stopping ADHD functions. When stimulant gets problematic, doctors may offer antidepressants like Wellbutrin.
Today there are new behavior therapy techniques using for ADHD children. They are mostly effective and don’t have any side effect. But main problem on behavior therapy is that ADHD patients are aware of their problematic behaviors but they are afraid to solve them. So behavior therapy must be disciplined and regular.

There are still high controversies about ADHD in media and community. It’s mostly believed that diagnosing illness from ADHD symptoms are very hard and deceptive.

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