How many types of baby pacifier sterilizers are there?

It’s a general truth that baby pacifiers mostly stay on floor instead of baby’s mouth. While it’s very hard to hold it in mouth for little babies, some older babies mostly fall it down from mouth while sleeping or playing. Also pacifier flinging is a common behavior for babies who can’t take what she wants. Parents use 5 seconds rule for dropped pacifiers but it’s very dangerous. Also if pacifier falls to public place or walkway, quick wash is not an enough way to clean it. Today there are lots of pacifier sterilizer types for this problem. They use different techniques for sterilizing. How many types of baby pacifier sterilizers are there?

There are 4 different pacifier sterilizer types in the market. They are Microwave Steam Pacifier Sterilizers, Electric Steam Pacifier Sterilizers, UV Pacifier Sterilizers and Dry Heat Pacifier Sterilizers.
“Microwave Steam Pacifier Sterilizers” is one of the most common sterilizer types today. Devices use heat of microwares for sterilizing. They clean the pacifier as boiling the water inside. Most important feature of Microwave steam pacifier sterilizers is their size. They are the smallest kind of pacifier sterilizers. While others are hard to carry on bag, microwave type sterilizers are possible. It’s possible to clean pacifier with loading it to any microwave. Disadvantage of them is their microwave requirement.

Electric Steam Pacifier Sterilizers are become popular after 90s. They produce steam with electricity. Their cleaning level is very close to microwave sterilizers but they are also more expensive than microware sterilizers. Electric Steam Pacifier Sterilizers’ capacity is higher than microware sterilizers so it’s possible to clean bottles, toys and other tools of baby. It’s very hard to carry them in small bags so they are for home usage only. There are also some discussions about steam’s cleaning power and level especially in USA.
UV Pacifier Sterilizers are offering the easiest and most portable way of pacifier sterilizing. An UV pacifier sterilizer doesn’t need any microwave or electricity but their container limit is very low so it’s only possible to clean a little pacifier in this device. You need some other devices to clean bottles and toys if you have UV pacifier sterilizers. Also some mothers don’t trust to UV way’s security and they don’t ever use this tool for sterilizing pacifiers.

Dry Heat Pacifier Sterilizers is the latest sterilizer type in the market. It’s for mothers who don’t want to use steam or water to sterilize her baby’s pacifier. Some experts find the dry heat sterilizers as the best and most secure way of sterilizing pacifiers because they don’t leave moisture in the deep part of toys which can produce germs or they are not creating discoloration that may harm babies’ digestion system. Dry heat pacifier sterilizers need electricity. Their main disadvantage is sterilizing time because they need more time than microwave and similar devices to sterilize the pacifier or toys.
Today it’s possible to find pacifier sterilization tools from $40 to $300. High price doesn’t mean high quality and easy usage because every mom needs different features. While some mothers need quick sterilization, some needs sterilization everywhere. It’s also possible to look some details like noise and electricity usage. Some models make high noise so it’s not possible to use them in the baby’s room continuously. Also some devices need time to use pacifiers after sterilized and it’s useless for quick sterilization requirement especially out of home.
Also some babies may reflect allergies sterilization process and pacifier used in the device. It’s very rare but a problematic situation especially for sensitive babies.

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