How many types of Bone cancer tumor are there?

Bone cancer is causing by a growing tissue in bones. They are two types of bone tumor as noncancerous and cancerous. There are also primary and secondary types of bone tumor. How many types of Bone cancer are there?

There are 12 common types of Bone Cancer tumors. Some of them are noncancerous and some of them are cancerous.

Osteoma is one of the most common bone cancer tumors in the world. Main thing in osteoma is a bone is growing in the other bone. It’s usually seen on skull. It’s noncancerous bone cancer tumor.

Enchondroma type of bone cancer mostly starts in cartilages. It’s also a noncancerous tumor but it makes big pain especially in older people.

Fibrous dysplasia of bone is another noncancerous common bone cancer tumor. Main effect of Fibrous dysplasia of bone is bone thinning. There’s no known cure for some Fibrous dysplasia of bone types.

Osteosarcoma is most common bone cancer tumor on the world. It’s cancerous. Especially Osteosarcoma is seen on children. There’s treatment ways of this cancer and most of treatments are successful.

Chondrosarcoma is another cancerous tumor. Chondrosarcoma bone cancer mostly starts in cartilages. It’s common in older people.  There are Sarcoma Centers for treating this cancer in America.

Ewing sarcoma is another cancerous tumor of Bone cancer. Main cause of this tumor is known as genetics. It’s mostly seen in teenagers.

Also there’s Fibrosarcoma bone cancer tumor. It’s cancerous. Fibrosarcoma bone cancer is mostly seen on 30 to 40 males.

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