How Many People Are Visiting the Pisa Tower each year?

In the world there are lots of historical places and each year millions of people are visiting these touristic and historical places from the different regions of the world and almost in each are of the world there are touristic areas. Some of the touristic areas are very popular but on the other hand some of them are less known by people.



Some has a very interesting feature and because of this they are very famous and almost all of the people who are visiting that historical place know about it. On this point Pisa Tower is one of the most popular historical and touristic structures on the world. Almost every people from the different parts of the world knows about Pisa Tower and now we are going to look a short history and structure of Pisa Tower.

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A short view to Pisa Tower

Pisa Tower takes place in the north side of the Italy the city of Pisa. In Italian language it is on the Piazza dei Miracolide that means in English “The square of Miracles” when we think about the structure of the Pisa Tower it is the part of the church and it is a tower of bell.  It is established in the year of 1173 but it is a separate part of from the main building but on the other hand the main building is built between the years of 1063 and 1090. The tower is built by six different columns and these columns are combined to each other. Its altitude is 56 meters. People can reach the top of the tower by using a ladder and this ladder has 294 steps. When the tower of Pisa is finished it starts to bend to the way of south the reason of why it is the breaking down of the base, the base is a bit soft and each year the tower is bending. It can be said that maybe this is the interesting feature of the Pisa Tower and each people who are travelling for it knows about this fact. This is the reason of why the tower is so popular. The tower of Pisa is built as a symbol of power of Pisa against to the cities of Geneva and Venice. The tower is closed between the years of 1990 and 2001. Many times it is said that the tower will be demolished because of the breaking down in its base but Italian engineers are trying to rescue the tower, they spend about 20 million sterling in order to protect the tower and then to some extend it can be said that they are successful. When we look at the place of the tower from the point of touristic way we see that millions of people are visiting the tower each year. When we look at the statistics about it each year over 1.000.000 tourists are visiting the Pisa Tower and each year this number is increasing and in future again millions of people from the different regions of the world will come to see the tower.


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