How many Aids cases in the USA every year?

Aids is firstly seen on USA in 1969. It was a single immigrant that started the spreading of illness on Haiti. In the first era of Aids, doctors were diagnosing it to different illnesses. But then health centers realized that it’s Aids. Now Aids is one of the most important health problems in USA.  How many Aids cases in the USA every year?

In USA every year over 40.000 new cases of Aids is seen since 2000. It was more in first years of 1990 but organizations raise the awareness of public decreased the case rate.

Since 2007, 583,298 people dead from Aids in USA. Almost 5.000 of them were children under 13. People living with Aids in America is over 1 million now.

California has the biggest Aids population with 184.000 people. New York State and New York City also have close to 100.000 people with HIV. Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego have over 20.000 people living with HIV.

There are lots of organizations trying to save people from Aids. They are especially working to raise the awareness of condom use. It’s always possible to see banners on the USA streets as “Condoms offer excellent protection against HIV” written on it.

Like condom, usage of PEP is important. PEP is a treatment after having affair with a person has HIV viruses. It’s possible to lesser Aids damage with early diagnosis and treatment.

Also safer drug use, avoid using dirty needles and aids test every year are other prevention ways.

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