How Many Different Versions of Google Earth Up to Now?

When we look at the developments of the software all around the whole world especially in last years we can see the huge change almost in all fields of the software. These innovations it can be easily said that primarily because of the development of the technology in the field of the personal computers and correspondingly the development of the internet in last years.


When we think about the how rapid developments in the field of internet and compare the twenty or thirty years ago, it is much more easy to see the concrete developments in this field. Correspondingly to all of these innovations and developments, all around the whole world there are lots of new and popular software that make people’s lives much more easier. More specifically we can see the popular software in the field of the communication. Today in the whole world it can be easily said that the most used and the most populate software are the software that are related to the communication because of the fact that the importance of the communication for the people. More specifically today we are going to make a short analysis about the software that’s name is Google Earth.


A Short View to the Software of Google Earth


All around the whole world one of the most important, popular and on the other hand the most used software is Google Earth. The software is very popular first off all its being usable and on the other hand the company of the software. As all we know Google today is one of the most rich companies and the most popular companies all around the whole world. Because of all these reasons, the software is getting the trusts of the people all around the whole regions of the world. When we look at the usage field of the software we can see that it is very beneficial software for lots of the people. Within the software a person can see wherever he or she want from the map of the earth and he or she can see the details of the place. When it is seen the principles of the software, it is worked by the help of the satellites, by using these satellites that are rounding around the world the photograph of the earth is taken and then at the end of the process by putting these photographs people form the whole software and then at the end of this difficult process people are using this software all around the whole world. When we look at the different versions of the software of Google Earth we can see that there are 4 different versions of it.


Google Earth free desktop client

Google Earth web browser plugin (uses Google Earth API)

Google Earth Pro client

Google Earth Enterprise client


Most probably because of the high demand of people and the development the technology in the field of software we will see the new versions of the Google Earth in near future.



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