How many common diseases of Siamese cats are there?

The Siamese cats are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. It’s one of the first breeds of oriental cat family. Researches showed that Siamese cats’ origin is coming from Thailand which was known as Siam. In the first period of 20th century, Siamese cats came to Europe by ships and then immigrants took them to USA. Siamese cat club is founded in England in 1901. In the 1900s, Siamese cats are called as “Royal Cat of Siam.” American people found Siamese more familiar than British Shorthair and their lifetime is longer than British Shorthair. How many common diseases of Siamese cats are there?

A healthy Siamese lives up to 12.5 years. There are only a few models see 14 or more. Siamese cats don’t have strong immune system and it’s possible to see respiratory infections, anesthesia issues and cardiomyopathy problems on Siamese. Especially respiratory infection is very common for Siamese cats. Bacteria and viruses spread by ill cats’ mucous. Only contact is enough to keep the virus for Siamese cats. First symptoms of ill Siamese cat start with sneezing. Breed can’t start itself and sneezes more than usual. After two days by sneezing, discharge starts from eyes. Sometimes it comes from nose.
Cat goes into a depressed mood. It’s deadly problem for Siamese cats because they can understand the food’s situation by smelling only and they obliged to eat food without controlling when nose is full. Eating food that is not suitable for them mostly harms intestinal system and kills.

Siamese cats are sensitive to anesthesia more than other breeds. When anesthesia is used, most of Siamese cats show allergic reaction and it spread quickly on body. It’s very common to treat health problems in cats after applying anesthesia. If using anesthesia is the last way for treatment, vet can make some tests for different kinds of anesthesia. It’s a common situation that Siamese cats die in Vet clinic.
Siamese cat breed’s heart muscle is genetically problematic and it tends to enlarge. After Siamese’s heart starts to pump less and less blood, breed show some symptoms like hard breathing, reluctance to exercise and staying calm. But after one week with illness, Siamese cats conceal the health problem because it feels attention level changes so it’s only possible to notice heart problem only when it gets deadly and it’s mostly too late.

Intestine diseases of Siamese cats are mostly chronic and progressive. Feline Megacolon is the most common intestine disease for Siamese cats. Most common symptom of disease is blood in the stool. Also they are very indefensible for laxative foods and diet changes. Only way for treatment is part of the large intestine’s removal. But cause of common anesthesia allergy, it’s very hard and dangerous.
Psychogenic alopecia in Siamese cats is very similar to obsessive compulsive disorder of human. Disease is triggering mostly by stress. Cat starts to groom herself more than usual and it goes to loss of hairs. Vets mostly offer cat antidepressants but before drugs, cat must keep away from stressful environment and also it’s possible to find what is giving stress to Siamese.
Vestibular disease is one of the most common and bad diseases for Siamese cats. Siamese cats start to lose its balance and falls down when it tries to walk or run. Main symptom of vestibular disease in Siamese cats is tilting the head. Disease is commonly seen on young kittens and they can treat themselves in 3 to 4 months. If problem continues after 1 years old, vets offer motion sickness medication.

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