How Many Types of Fish in the world today?

A close view to the Fishes

Fishes are the animals that are living in the seas and oceans. They are breathing with their gills. There are lots of types of the fishes, some of them can be eaten and some of them are not eaten but on the other hand people are buying them in order to make them ornament in their homes and in order to feed them in their aquariums that are on their homes. In world cuisine fishes have very important place and people who are different regions of the world are using fish in their food and there are lots of types of fish foods on this point. clown-fishes-wallpaper-1920x1200-elphstone reef 134


The fishes are reproducing with the eggs, they are first put their eggs into the rocks and stones that are take place in the sea and then after some time new fishes are goes into the emergence but on the other hand some types of the fishes are reproducing themselves by giving births and it can be said that this is another interesting information with the fishes. The types of the oldest fishes that are found as fossils can be based upon the 500 million years old. When we look at the todays fishes we can divide them two separate part. The first part is fishes with crakling and other type is the fishes without crakling. When we think from the point of trade the fishes without craklings are much more important than other types of the fishes because lots of people are choosing and liking the fishes without craklings, as a result of this they can eat these types of fishes much easily.



The Number of Fishes that are on the World Today

When we think about the number of the fishes that are living in the world that we can say that telling an exact number is very difficult because of the widespread types of the fishes. In accordance with the researches that are done currently there are approximately 25,000 different species of fish and these fishes are living in the different regions of the world for instance; you can find a fish in a place but on the other hand when you go to another place of the world it can be said that it can be much more difficult to find that type of fish in that place. Or on the other hand, there are fishes that are living in cold water and there are others that are living in warm water, on this point it can be said that even the temperature of the water can affect the types of the fishes. From the long years new species of the fishes have been found and with the developing of the sea technology it is easier than discover a new species of the water and it can be said that hundreds of new species of the fishes will be discovered because of the workings of the scientists and the development in the field of seas.


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