How many types of elephants are there?

Elephants are still on the ground although their thousands of species are extinct. Elephant are known as the biggest animals living in the land. An elephant mostly lives for 70 years but record is 82 years. Largest elephant lived in Angola. Its weight was 10,900 kg. There are lots of controversies about elephant’s origin and some definitions like Crete’s pig elephants are making to take a decision harder. Elephants are also known as one of the most intelligent animals living in the world. Their intelligence level is close to whales. How many types of elephants are there?

Today, there are 3 main elephant types in the world. They are African forest elephant, African bush elephant and Asian elephant.

African forest elephants are mostly known by their narrow and long mandible. African forest elephants mostly feed with leaves and fruit. They are living in Congo but it’s possible to find them on other African countries.

African Bush Elephant is also known as African savanna elephant. African Bush Elephant is a popular species because it’s the largest terrestrial animal now living on the world. Their dimension goes over 7 meters. It’s possible to characterize them with their large head.

Asian Elephant is mostly living in India and it’s also a cultural figure in east. In history Asian Elephants are used for wars and hard forest works. Now they are under extinction. Asian Elephants rarely attacks on human. Mostly elephants in zoo attacks to viewers in their cage.


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