How Many People Get Cancer each year?

With the globalization of the world there are lots of changes in the world today. The population of the world are increasing day by day on the other hand the feminine is also increasing too much extend. When we look at the natural things in the world such as natural food and drink and other nutrition elements, the number of them is going to decreasing because of the globalization it can be said that. Another point is that the rapid development of the technology,  in modern world the development of the technology affect people too much extend and almost all people are in the using of the technology. When we look at those all things as a result of them the disasters and illnesses in the world are increasing too much extend. In our modern world, maybe one of the most widespread illness in cancer. When we look at the modern world we can see lots of people who are struggling with the illness of cancer. So now let’s look at what the Cancer is.Cancer_cell, brain

What is the Cancer?

Cancer is an illness and in that illness because of the failure of DNA the cells start to increase too much extend and without control and as a result of this the illness of cancer increases. When we look at the normal values we can see that in our body there are 10.000 mutations daily and our immune system is always scanning our body and put in order those cells. All of the organs that are in our body is formed by the cells that are the lowest structure in our body. The healthy body cells can divide for example when a cell is died or damaged, by dividing the cells put in order to the body. But on the other hand, it number of the dividing cells are limited, each of the cells has a number for the dividing and they are also programmed for the renovation with this information. But again on the other hand the cells that are cancer don’t know that information and they start to be divided without control. And as a result of this dividing they form the tumors and those tumors are damaging to the body of the people.



If the cancer cells leave from the tumors that they form they can pass to the other parts of the body with the blood and as a result of this they continue to grow. There are different kinds of cancers and some of them are grow fast but on the other hand some of the types of cancer grow more slowly. When we look at the modern world we see that lots of people are suffering from the cancer. In accordance with the recent researches in the world today each year about 1,479,350 people are suffering from the cancer. Thanks to the developments of the technologies in the medicine people are escaping from the cancer or they can prevent it and people must be careful about the cancer.


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