How many types of clouds are there?

Clouds are a large group of liquid droplets or frozen water crystals. Some chemicals over the sea combine them as a standard cloud structure. How many types of clouds are there?

There are mainly four cloud types in the world. They are cirrus, nimbus, stratus and cumulus. Totally it’s possible to count 27 different cloud types.

Highest cloud type possible in the sky is called high layered clouds. They are Cirrus with ice crystals in it, Cirrostratus  is seen as a big white cloud over all sky and Cirrocumulus as little cloud patterns. Cirrostratus is known as the indicator of a big storm.

6.000 to 17.000 feet clouds are mid-layered type clouds. They are Altostratus that seen as gray clouds full of rain or snow and Altocumulus which known as a fast and big rain.

Lower layered cloud type is what we seen more in the sky. They are below 6.000 feet. Stratus is the main cloud type makes the fog. They can come to earth as 600 feet. Stratocumulus is dark gray clouds mostly seen in spring days. They are not cause of rain but they stand in sky for days.  Nimbostratus is little cloud but it’s the cause of fast rains and snows.

They are also another cloud types but they are taking name by their vertical position. Cumulus is over 10.000 feet and gives a dark feel on the earth. Sometimes it gives brief showers. Cumulonimbus is seen over the 50.000 feet and it’s the main cause of lightning. Sometimes it creates big tornadoes. Clouds’ main movement may change by the geographical formations and the position of sun.

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