How many gallons of water are there in oceans?

Oceans cover %71 of all surface. Today over 230.000 species are living in oceans. Some scientists believe that life started on ocean first. Big oceans are only possible in world. There are also theories about Mars oceans and Saturn oceans but the only photographed one is Lakes of Titan. There are many theories about ocean’s creation. Main date for first oceans is 4.4 billion years ago. Hadean period is believed to be first period that Oceans had seen. How many gallons of water are there in oceans?

There are lots of different theories on how the oceans firstly created. First theory is about rains. Primordial Earth’s cooling period created pressure on atmosphere then rains started to fill earth.

Other theory is from outer space. Some scientists believe that Comets and meteorites with water inside carried water to world. Researches showed that some mineral amounts in asteroids and oceans are very close.

Other theory is coming from rocks. World’s rocks stored hydrous minerals first but then after earthquake leaks started to fill oceans.

There were lots of oceans in the old times but today there are 5 main ones. Most important historical oceans are Bridge River Ocean, Tethys Ocean, Superocean and Panthalassa.

Today there are five oceans as Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean and Arctic Ocean.

Ocean’s volume is 1.3 billion cubic kilometers. Average deep is 3,790 meters. Water amount is approximately 343 quintillion gallons totally in the oceans.

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