How Many Countries are the Members of the United Nations?

In the world history there are lots of the different wars and in order to prevent the wars, people have been trying to do lots of the different things. They are taking lots of the different precautions and to some extent people are in success in the prevention of the wars. When we look at the world history, we can see that the biggest and greatest wars are the World Wars. Millions of the people are killed in those wars and the effects of the wars are still continuing in some countries in the world. After those wars, some of the precautions are taken in order to prevent the new wars. At that point, some of those precautions are successful but on the other hand there are lots of them that are not successful and as a result of these situation new wars are emerged. At that point, one of the most effective communities after the World Wars is the United Nations. Today, we are going to make a short analysis about the United Nations and we will give some specific information about the history of the United Nations. Let’s look at them all together.


The History of United Nations

The United Nations is found in the year of 1945 of 24 October. The first goal of the United Nations is the prevent the peace of the world and on the other hand there are lots of the different goals of them such as founding the cultural, social and economic co operations. It can be said that the United Nations reaches its goals. Today when we look at the whole world we can see that there are lots of the different foundations that are depended on to the United Nations and those all are the active foundations. The bases of the United Nations are signed in the Agreement of Atlantic between the United States of America and England. After the agreement the other countries of the world start to join the Nation and today when we look at the number of the countries that are the members of the United Nations we can see that there are 192 member countries. It seems that in the future the new countries will join the community and the community will keep the peace of the world. Under the United Nations there are lots of the different foundations and when we look at the names of those foundations we can see this list:
United Nations day

Food and Agriculture Organization

International Atomic Energy Agency

International Civil Aviation Organization

International Fund for Agricultural Development

International Labour Organization

International Maritime Organization

International Monetary Fund

International Telecommunication Union

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

United Nations Industrial Development Organization

World Tourism Organization

Universal Postal Union

World Bank Group

World Food Programme

World Health Organization

World Intellectual Property Organization

World Meteorological Organization

In the future new foundations under the United Nations will be added to this list and the United Nations will be more powerful.


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