How many types of cat food are there?

Cats need some special dietary nutrients in their all meals. Especially amino acids and vitamins which are prepared suitable for cat mouth and stomach are very important. Also professional cat food producers are using some chemical treatments for avoiding infection. Some nutrition like the amino acid taurine must be degraded because cats can’t digest all. So cats need synthetic taurine on all meat. False feeding may cause illnesses on cats like cardiac problems, retinal problems and more. Also choosing the right cat food type is very important. How many types of cat food are there?

Wet foods are one of the most popular cat food types ever. Wet cat foods are including high moisture content. Producers cook these meals in high temperature to sterilize them first. After sterilizing process, they must be sealed in pressure. It’s possible to find wet cat foods in foil trays, pouches and can. Main ingredients of wet cat foods are chunks in jelly, chunks in gravy and meatloaf formats. In the last years, it’s also possible to see wet cat food as frozen or chilled in bags but there are still discussions about this type of wet cat food especially in the USA.
Dry cat foods have low moisture content. One of the main ingredients on dry cat food is extruded foods. Especially shaped pellets or kibbles are using for extruded foods. Also flake foods are very popular with flaked cereals ingredient. In last years, new types of biscuits/mixers are also joined dry cat food class. Most important feature of new biscuits/mixers is that they can be packaged in small boxes while others need big bags. Main ingredient of dry cat food is meat. It was very common to use dry cat food with adding some water on it but today it’s also possible to find new products which don’t need water addition. Some cat owners also like to add some gravy foods inside dry cat food but it must be under the instructions of manufacturer.

There are also complementary and complete cat food options in the market. Complete cat foods have the perfect balance and all the need of a cat in daily meal. But today there are hundreds of different complete cat foods in the market with different ingredients and it’s very hard to choose the right one. Also it’s some dangerous because complete cat food may mean adding some more nutrition to cat’s meal even there’s enough mineral in the blood of cat. Complete cat food is some expensive than other food. Most of the cat owners prefer to try different complete cat foods to find which one their cat will like.
Complementary foods are not complete cat food and they can only complete a part of daily nutrition requirement of cats. Complementary foods mostly prefer by cat owners after visiting veterinary. Most of the cats don’t like complementary foods because they are prepared for a special reason and they are not delicious as complete or other cat foods.

Also daily water consumption habit of cats is very important while choosing the cat food type. It’s true that most of the cats don’t have a balanced water consumption habit and they have problems on dehydration. Cat owners with suck cats may prefer dry cat foods which need to add water inside. Even cat doesn’t like to drink water, she will drink it in food.
Also it’s very important that cats may get “food addiction” and it’s very hard to find the same cat food everywhere and every time. Trying different cat food in each three month is important.

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