How many types of cappuccino are there?

Cappuccino is one of the most popular Italian type drinks in the world. In traditional recipe, Cappuccino is preparing with espresso, steamed-milk foam and hot milk. It was popular first in Europe than started to be a traditional drink in artisan cafes of United States. It takes its name from color of monk robes in the 16th century. In 17th century, Viennese coffee houses started to offer Cappuccino. According to historical café menus, there was a coffee type known as ‘Kapuziner’ and it then converted to Cappuccino. In 1930, Italian cafes started to serve Cappuccino in big cups. How many types of cappuccino are there?

There are 4 types of cappuccino today in the world. Traditional Style Cappuccino is possible to find in cafes and some Old Italian shops. Recipe of traditional cappuccino is strong espresso of 2 shots, hot milk and foamed milk. Some cafes use blanket milk instead of foamed one. Coffee lovers can add more espresso shots if they like their cappuccino stronger. Milk level is the key for the best taste and when milk is low or high, it will not be cappuccino. If more than enough milk for cappuccino, it’s latte.

Wet Cappuccino is very similar to traditional cappuccino. Same amount of espresso is used for wet cappuccino but milk level varies according to recipe. When someone wants wet cappuccino in a café, he means more milk poured in the espresso. Also he wants little less steamed foam on it. This is for coffee lovers who like their cappuccino with more creamy and light taste than traditional cappuccino. There were coffee gourmets in the end of 19th century and they were professional to differ cafe latte and wet cappuccino. But today it’s hard to separate them. Only foam level can show if it’s café latte or wet cappuccino.
Dry Cappuccino is also very similar to traditional cappuccino. When a customer wants dry cappuccino, he means no steamed milk poured in the espresso. Steamed foam will be increased instead of steamed milk so it will make the cappuccino stronger but will not break its creamy taste. It’s especially for people who like the layer of milky foam over the cappuccino.
Flavored Cappuccino is a new type of drink and it’s possible to have it by adding flavor to all types of cappuccino. They are mostly in bottles. Syrup can be directly poured into cappuccino for flavor. There are many new cappuccino types now calling with their own name. Flavors can vary like mint, vanilla and caramel. In some café, it’s possible to see powdered cocoa or sugar is sprinkling over the foam.
Aux Delices - Cappuccino Mousse Cake Cup
Iced cappuccino or iced cappuccino is popular in some parts of Italy. While café owners prepare their iced cappuccinos from morning for customers, it’s very hard to find prepared one in Milan. Northern Italy cities have their iced cappuccino variations like “gelato da bere” and “shakerato”. There are today big coffee shops are selling this product with various names like Starbucks’ “iced latte” Also Tim Hortons in Canada is selling ‘Icecap’ or ‘Iced capp’ which is short name of iced cappuccino.
It’s traditionally serving in 150–180 mL cups and Italian café is still serving on traditional way. But American coffee chains are serving the cappuccino in 360 mL or larger cups. Many Italians believe that breaking the original recipe of Cappuccino means breaking the real taste of Cappuccino and they don’t like to eat Cappuccino in US. Also there are some US café now serving the cappuccino with melted chocolate, cinnamon and similar additional items especially in big supermarkets.

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