How Many Types of Bicycles Are there in the world?

In the world there are lots of transportation carriages. From the beginning of the world, people have been trying to travel to different regions of the world and when we think about our modern era we can see that people have to have a transportation carriage in order to reach the places that they want. These places sometimes can be their schools and on the other hand they can be the places like people’s works. On this point thanks to the rapid development of the technology like in all fields, there is a huge development in the field of transportation. When we think about last one hundred years we can see that especially in the field of the vehicles with engines there are lots of developments and in our modern day almost all of the people are using the vehicles that are with engines. images

As a result of the widespread using of the vehicles with the engines, in the world today there are huge contamination of the water and the air and again as a result of this contamination our earth is going to die day by day. On this point there are lots of solutions in order to decrease the contamination of the earth, today we are going to make a short analysis about the bicycles, again on the point of the preserving our earth from the harmful gases that emit from the vehicles with the engines we can say that the using of the bicycles in our modern world can be beneficial not only for the preserving our earth from the harmful gases but also it can help people on the point of being practical. Especially in last ten and twenty years the using of the bicycles between the people have developed too much extend, now lots of people are going to their works, schools and from there to their homes by using the bicycles. When we think about the benefits of the using the bicycles we can come across lots of the things. For example: By using the bicycles people are not giving too much money for the public transportation and on the other hand the people who are using the bicycles continuously are more healthy than the other people who are not using the bicycle or who don’t do any exercise in their lives. When we look at the development of the bicycles in last decade we see that there are lots of technological developments in the field of the bicycles. In accordance with their goals, people can find different types of the bicycles from the market. In the market today there are lots of different types of bicycles and the number of different types of the bicycles is approximately 15 and we can count them like this way:



Road bikes

Track bikes

TT bikes

Touring bikes

MTB-XC bikes

MTB-DH bikes

MTB-AM bikes

MTB-Trial bikes

BMX-Dirt bikes

BMX-Flatland bikes



Cargo bikes



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