How many types of beer are there in Belgium?

Belgium is an important product of Belgium. First brewing processes started on 1500s by approve of Church. First beers of Belgium were less alcoholic because Church was only permitting some. After French Revolution, Belgium monks started to produce a special beer. This beer is known darker and sweet than today. Church didn’t allow selling beer of monks since 1860s. After market success of beer, Belgians started to produce beer on their own breweries. Today there are 178 breweries in Belgium. How many types of beer are there in Belgium?

Today there are 18 main types of beer in Belgium. Some of them are dark and sweet but there are also unique beer types in breweries.

Amber ales are one of the most popular beer types in Belgium. They are similar to English pale ales. There are also some different types of Amber Ales in various European countries.

Golden ale is the light version of Amber Ale. It’s possible to say that Golden ale is the most popular beer type in Belgium. It’s also possible to call them as Blonde Ale. There’s also Brown ale and it’s darker than traditional Amber Ale.

Champagne beers are a unique type of beer in Belgium. They have a special process and they are in beer flavor with champagne style.

There are also traditional beers like Dubbel, Flemish Red, Lambic beers, pale lager, Saison and stout. Also Christmas and seasonal beers are very popular in Belgium.

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