How many Amish are there?

Amish are one of the most strange and controversial religion groups in America. They are a subgroup of Mennonite churches. They are known with their basic lifestyle, plain dresses and avoid using modern technologies. Amish started in 1700s in Switzerland and now most of Amish are living in USA. They are mostly located in Pennsylvania and speaking a dialect of Pennsylvania German. Also there are Amish in Canada that is speaking English mostly. In last decades there are some softening steps on newer Amish groups that they are using electricity and modern technology in a limited period of day. How many Amish are there?

Amish people are always takes attention in American lifestyle. They have lots of rules in their social life and every member of Amish church must observe these rules. Large families are the symbol of Amish. They think a large family is a gift from God and they try to create a society only with their neighbors.

Main controversy topic on Amish lifestyle is about gene disorders. Amish people reject to take gene researches or blood tests. They believe that gene tests may prevent to have children because of illnesses. There are lots of genetic illnesses known in Amish people. Amish people live mostly in their buggy cars and mostly they didn’t send their children to school.

Amish people are most growing community in America and nearly all Amish families have over 7 children. Last population rates showed that their population is over 165.000. And they are over 55.000 Amish in Canada.


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