How Many Turkish Dynasties Are there in the World Today ?

In the history of the world, there are lots of communities and there are different communities. People are different from each other from the point of nationality, religion, color and there are lots of other different features of the people who have been living in the world from the beginning of the world. In the history of the world people have been fighting to each other and most probably in the future they will continue to fight to each other. Because of the wars lots of dynasties have settled in the world and on the other hand because of these wars lots of dynasties have demolished. turklf


In the world history there are lots of different dynasties that affect the world too much extend and the communities that are living today on the world have lots of things that are in their lives that they take from those communities. On this point Turkish dynasties are one of the most effective and one of the most important dynasties in the world history. First, let’s look at the history of the Turkish dynasties. When we say Turkish dynasties we understand the people who are speaking the Turkish language not only now but also in the history. Before the community of Gokturk there are again some of Turkish dynasties and the histographers call them as pre-Turks. In the topic of the beginning of the Turkish dynasties there are lots of discussions but it can be said that the communities in the regions of Euro-Asia and North-Africa are affected from the Turkish dynasties in the history. In accordance with the experts the beginnings of the Turkish dynasties start in the year of B.C 6000 and it is said and accepted that first Turkish people are getting money by sheepherding and the horse is very important animal for the Turkish dynasties, in the history Turkish dynasties use the horse for lots of the things such as wars and trade. Especially in the field of the war, Turkish dynasties are very professional and almost all of the world’s people know Turkish people as warrior people because of the history. In the history Turkish dynasties have very important successes from the point of war, for example as one of the most important Turkish Dynasty in the world history, Ottoman Empire conquers the city of Istanbul (Old Constantinople) and when we think about the situation of that time this is maybe one of the most important event in the world. Today in the world history there are 16 different Turkish dynasties and all of them are empires in history. These empires are:



The Great Hun Empire 204 BC – 216 AD

The Western Hun Empire 48 – 216 AD

The European Hun Empire 375 – 454

The White Hun Empire 420 – 552

The Göktürk Empire 552 – 743

The Avar Empire 562 – 796

The Hazar Empire 602 – 1016

The Uygur State 740 – 1335

The Karahan 932 – 1212

The Gazneli 962 – 1183

The Great Seljuk Empire 1040 – 1157

The Harzemshah 1077 – 1231

The Golden Horde 1224 – 1502

The Great Timur Empire 1369 – 1501

The Babür Empire 1526 – 1858

The Ottoman Empire


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