How many tips are there for making fuel efficiency in any car models?

Fuel is getting expensive every day and it’s an absolute need of humanity now like bread and water. People are trying hard for fuel save and fuel efficiency on cars and paying too much for new fuel efficiency devices. But according to latest researches, there are many ways that you can make fuel save without buying any new device. When we think that a new and efficient fuel save device starts from $500 and it also needs installment pay, you may try tips to make fuel efficiency. How many tips for making fuel efficiency in any car models?

One of the most important tips for fuel efficiency is cleaning the extra weight in your baggage. Cars are like runners and they need more power if they are carrying more. Especially big models like SUVs are mostly full of devices and products that will never be a requirement or will be used one time in a life. Don’t forget that car’s baggage is not the garage of your house and you don’t need your ski equipment every day. According to researches, when a car carried extra 100 pounds, it means losing 2 percent in fuel economy and it’s a big value.
Also tires are vital for fuel efficiency even people avoid it mostly. Proper tire maintenance means more balanced car weight and less load to engine. Especially you are living in a city with more hills, your car will burn more and more. Properly inflated tires mean your car will be higher and it will affect from gravity less so it will burn less. According to The Environmental Protection Agency, cars with properly inflated tires are making %3 fuel efficiency every year. Also choosing the right tire type for your car affects the fuel efficiency. According to researches, when the true tire type is chosen for car, it means at least %6 fuel efficiency every year.
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Today’s cars are fast and easy to accelerate but these type of move is also killing the fuel efficiency. Also stopping every moment in traffic is the enemy of fuel efficiency because there’s a term called inertia and it means the resistance car parts are showing against moving after stop. You can choose roads longer but without traffic. Fuel efficiency will save you when it’s compares. According to EPA, driving not too fast and not choosing ways with traffic can give you %33 fuel efficiency every year.
Alternative fuel is hard to find and there are many rumors about it but it’s also true that history writes only braves. There are many complaints on net about problems with alternative fuels but there are also many people praising the performance. It’s true that also cars produced with alternative fuels are not modern or fast like standard cars. But these type of fuels are cheaper than gas and they are also eco-friendly.
Also not using car for all day is a good way of fuel efficiency. It’s true that there are many ways of making meetings online without going the meeting room. There are also some new ways with free communication options. You can download a new version of telecommuting software and use it easily. According to latest researches, if American people use more telecommunicating for two days in a month only, it means 1.35 billion gallons of fuel save for country.
Buying from self-service gas stations are also a good way of fuel efficiency. It was some dangerous and hard in 90s to take gas into car but it’s easier today and also payment by credit card is more secure.

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