How many times Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl Championship?

The Pittsburgh Steelers is one of the most popular football team in USA. They are located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They are playing in the North Division of AFC. They are the oldest franchise in AFC. They are founded in 1933. Their first name was Pittsburgh Pirates. They have also a baseball team with the same name. Steelers became one of flagship teams in league since 1940s. Their fan group is named as “Steeler Nation.” Their home is “Heinz Field” in Pittsburgh. They moved this stadium after played 31 seasons in “Three Rivers Stadium.” How many times Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl Championship?

There are 6 Super Bowl Championships of Pittsburgh Steelers. Their first championship was in 1974-75 season. Season started after a strike and some major rule changes. Steelers finished league with .750 with 10 wins. They passed Buffalo Bills and Oakland Raiders in Playoffs. They defeat Minnesota Vikings in finals. Score was 16-6. Final also noted for one of the most controversial moments of NFL history when Tom Mack is punished after false start and events led to a procedure penalty.

Second Super Bowl Championships of Pittsburgh Steelers was in 1975-76 season. Pittsburgh Steelers finished league with .857 in 12 wins. It was the season any team finished its match in tie. Season was also important because it was the first time group leaders won home team advantage in all playoff rounds and also referees started to use wireless microphones. Pittsburgh Steelers passed Baltimore Colts and Oakland Raiders in Playoffs and went to finals against Dallas Cowboys. Game is played in Miami Orange Bowl stadium. Score was 21-17. Pittsburgh Steelers was using “Steel Curtain” defense in this season and it was very hard to score against them but they had also problems on scoring. Steelers caught a 14 unanswered point period and won the match. 64-yard touchdown of Lynn Swann became an unforgettable moment of NFL history. 57.7 million viewers followed the final match and it was a milestone in NFL history.

“Steeler Nation” waited for three seasons to see a new Super Bowl Championships of Pittsburgh Steelers. League officers made an important rule change after 1977 because it was only 17.2 points in season and it’s called as “Dead Ball Era.” After rule changes, 1978-79 season became one of the most scored leagues ever. Pittsburgh Steelers finished league with .875 in 14 wins. They passed Denver and Houston in Playoffs to play final against Dallas Cowboys. Final score was 35-31. Steelers dominated the league and Playoffs with their aggressive offensive style. It became an unforgettable moment while some Steelers were celebrating victory before match finished Cowboys didn’t give up. They tried to score but couldn’t achieve.
1979-80 season was one of the most surprising NFL season ever. League officers changed some rules but it created some controversial aspects. Especially changes on numbering system were against duplicate numbers on referee but it was not successful. Pittsburgh Steelers finished league with .750 in 12 wins but they lost 4 matches and their system was criticizing by writers. They passed Miami and Houston in Playoffs and played final game against L.A. Rams. Final score was 31-19. Steelers dominated fourth quarter with 14 unanswered points. One of these points were Bradshaw’s 73-yard touchdown pass.
Pittsburgh Steelers fans waited till 2005-06 season to see a new Super Bowl Championships of Pittsburgh Steelers. It was a season that some teams are forced to play on different stadiums because of Hurricane Katrina. It was surprise in this season that defending league champions New England Patriots lost to Denver. Steelers won its last championship in 2008-09 season.

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