How Many Songs does Ricky Martin Have ?

In the history of the world there are lots of people who affect people too much extend with their different features and they have lots of fans all around the whole world. Sometimes these people can be models sometimes artists and on the other hand they can be singers. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the singer whose name is Rick Martin. He is very popular all around the whole world and there are millions of people who are the fans of Rick Martin not only because of his being a good singer but also on the other hand his being a handsome man there are lots of people who like him too much. It can be easily said that there are only a few singers with him from the whole world that are likened by millions of the people. Now we are going to analyze the life of Rick Martin first.


The Short Analysis of the life of Rick Martin


His original name is Enrique Martín Morales but all around the whole world people know him as Ricky Martin and it is the performance name of him. He is born in the year of 1971. He is from Porto Rico. When we look at the album selling of him we can see that his albums sell approximately up to 55 million. He is very popular especially the first years of the 1990’s and in these years he has lots of being first in different music contests and different top ten music lists. He also takes the best male pop singer in the year of 1990. He has two children and on the year of 2010 he explains that he is a gay. When we look at the number of songs he has we see that there are 128 songs in his discography. There are on the other hand lots of albums and some of these albums are studio albums and on the other hand he has lots of concert albums. Now we can see the albums of him:


Studio Albums


1991: Ricky Martin

1993: Me Amarás

1995: A Medio Vivir

1998: Vuelve

1999: Ricky Martin

2000: Sound Loaded

2003: Almasdel Silencio

2005: Life


Concert Albums


2006: MTV Unplugged

2007: Black & White Tour


Compilation Albums


2001: La Historia

2001: The Best of Ricky Martin

2008: Ricky Martin 17





DVD Albums


1999: One Night Only

1999: Ricky Martin: The Video Collection

2001: Ricky Martin: The European Tour

2001: La Historia”

2006: MTV Unplugged

2007: Black & White Tour

2008: Ricky Martin 17


On the other hand he has some cinema films and these are:



Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd (2003)

GeneralHospital (1996)– With Miguel Morez

Les Miserables (1994)

Alcanzar una estrella (1991)


Most probably like in the past, in the future people will keep to listening his songs and like all of the singers who are best, people will not forget him and his songs.


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