How Many Versions of Iphone are there?

The History of the Iphone

Especially in last decade smart phones are very popular along the whole world. At first time when the mobile phones are first produced not so much people have mobile phones but with the rapid development of the technology people have been using them too much extend and thanks to the development of the technology in the field of the mobile phones the things also developed considerably.


When we think about twenty years ago, mobile phones don’t have any features except for the calling but when we look at our modern day people can do with their mobile phones whatever they do. For instance; they can call their friends, they can send small messages, they can take photographs, they can reach the internet and there are lots of features of our modern day mobile phones. On this point there are lots of smart phones that are available in the world market today. When we look at the brands of them the most popular of them are Iphone, Samsung, Sony, Experia and Nokia. It can be said that these companies are the pioneers of the smart phones now let’s look at the Iphone more closely. Iphone is designed by the company of apple and by using the phone people can reach the internet and it has lots of multimedia features. At first its first model is introduced on 9 January 2007. When we look at the features of it we see that there is a camera, written messages, multimedia messages, transportable media player, an internet scanner that name is Safari, electronic mail and Wi-Fi. When it is thought from the general point, these features are very effective for the people and they are making the people’s lives much easier. Maybe the most effective feature of the Iphone is its touchable screen, when a person take it to his or her hand there is not any button however instead of the pushing the buttons people are touching the screen in order to do an operation in the device, this is a new feature for technology and people like it very much. When we think of the device’s software we see that the company of Apple is supporting the costumers from the point of software, there is a website of Apple that name is Apple store and by using this website people can reach the applications approximately 700.000. From the first production of the Iphone the company develops it and there are some models of Iphone that are descendants of it.


The Number of Versions of Iphone.

When we look at the models of the Iphone we see that there are six different versions of Iphone. These models are original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S iPhone 5. For each model the company of apple does lots of changes in their features and in near future the company is preparing to produce a new version and most probably its name will be Iphone6.



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