How many Maine Coon cat varieties are there?

Maine Coon or American Longhair with its popular name is a cat breed. It has both good hunting abilities but also it’s one of the longest cat breeds in the world. According to researches, it’s one of the oldest natural breeds of America and also Maine is the native place for cat. State uses Maine Coon as symbol now. There’s no definite knowledge about the origins of breed or how it came to America. But it’s a common belief and story in both America and France that Marie Antoinette, Queen of France tried to run away from France before she was executed but only her Turkish Angora cats arrived in Maine, USA. They bred there with other cat breeds and created Maine Coon. Another idea about breed is that Maine Coons origin comes from wild bobcats. Feathers on both breeds’ ears are supporting the idea. How many Maine Coon cat varieties are there?

Main variety of Maine Coon is tabby. All Maine Coon types have tabby color coats. Tabby Maine coons have dark stripes. Some of the tabby Maine coons have white mixed lines on them. But darker furs in their legs, chest and body are characteristic.
There are also solid-colored Maine Coon cats. It’s possible to find solid-colored Maine Coon cats in blue, white, cream or black color. In America, it’s a common rule that if an owner want to join the competition with her Maine Coon but there are white areas in cat’s chin or lips, their cat will be disqualified.
Bicolored Maine Coon cats are popular types nowadays. They are available in two shades. These colors are solid color or white plus. Also it’s possible to find them in colors like blue, black, cream or white. Cat shows accept only Maine Coons when it has its colors in big patches. It’s a common way to understand origin Maine Coon in USA.

Some Maine Coons may have multi colors. These types mostly have tortoiseshell in blue, cream, black or white shades. If a Maine Coon will enter to an important Cat Show, Calico Maine Coons or tortoiseshell ones must have large white swaths over them.
It’s rare but possible to find Maine Coon in smoke fur. They are mostly available with black and blue shades. If a Maine Coon of smoke want to be joined to an important Cat Show in USA, it must has white patches in its fur. It’s also possible to find some brown or red elements in smoke fur Maine coons.
Maine Coons has no variety based illness but they have general ones. They are generally healthy ones and they can live up to 12.5 years old without any big illnesses. Because of their characteristic long and big furs, they can’t live on the hot areas. Best place for them is New England climate. Feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a heart disease for Maine Coon and it’s the most common reason of death for them. Illness mostly cause hind legs.
Maine Coon breed is very intelligent and easy to train. Some organizations call them as “gentle giants.” They are more loyal to families than single owners but they have independent spirit always so they can run away from home easily. Male of breed is more playful than female. In comparison with other cat breeds, Maine Coons like to play with water and they can wash themselves. Researchers believe that this feature of Maine Coon comes from its ancestors in ships. They like to make vocalization and sometimes they can reply to louder talkings with meowing continuously to owner.

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