How many ex-boyfriends of Avril Lavigne are there?

Avril Lavigne or Avril Ramona Lavigne with her full name is a Canadian song writer and singer. She firstly appeared on stage in 15 and in 16 she appeared on the stage of Shania Twain. In 16, also she signed a contract with Arista Records. She released her debut album Let Go in 17. Let Go album became a worldwide hit and Avril Lavigne became youngest female soloist for the UK. Top List NR.1. She also became top news with her boyfriends. How many ex-boyfriends of Avril Lavigne are there?

Her dating story started with TV personality Matt Gould in 2001. It was the first years Avril Lavigne’s professional career and everything started with rumor. Then some videos are released on Youtube while couple is dancing. But they never accepted the claims.
After Matt Gould, Avril Lavigne has seen with Jesse Colburn for two years 2001-2003. Jesse Colburn was an important member of Avril Lavigne’s group. They started to date a made a popular song “Stockholm Syndrome”. They firstly hide relationship but then decided to go in front of magazines. They broke up on 2003 and he played for Avril Lavigne’s group since 2004.
Some rumors said that Jesse Colburn- Avril Lavigne relationship broke up because of singer Mitch Allan. Magazines photographed them under a club but they never accepted the claims. Rumors lasted with Lavigne and Deryck Whibley’s relationship.
Deryck Jason Whibley and Avril Lavigne relationship started on 2004. They were a real magazine hit couple. In their first years of relationship, they made tattoos together; they gave interviews everyday about their love to magazines and more. They were friends since 17 and friends of couple say they are surprised because they never like each other. After a lovely year, they went to Venice in June 2005 for a surprise holiday and after a romantic picnic and gondola ride, Jason Whibley proposed marriage to Avril Lavigne. They also became top news on the marriage period. Lavigne always interviewed that she wants a “rock n’ roll, Goth wedding“. But then in the marriage period, she changed her mind and wanted to wear a white dress. Wedding was on 15 July 2006.

Organization was held in California. Vera Wang designed the gown of Avril Lavigne. They made their first dance with Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris”. After great 7 months with love, Lavigne rap out that she always helped Whibley for staying out of drugs. After this interview, magazines never let them free and divorce rumors mostly became top news. After three hard years, they filed for divorce in 9 October 2009 and divorced on 16 November 2010.
In their marriage period, Lavigne is wrote with lots of men. Some of them are Brandon Davis, Justin Murdock and Wilmer Valderrama. This news lasted with Lavigne- Brody Jenner relationship.

Avril Lavigne – Brody Jenner relationship was a surprising one for fans. Some news wrote that they married but they mostly seen in clubs and concerts. They broke up on 2011. Magazines wrote that the main reason of split is their different opinions about marriage. Brody Jenner wants to marry but Lavigne was a new divorced woman and she didn’t want it. They broke up in modern style with Twitter messages.
After Brody Jenner, Lavigne started to date with Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger. Their relationship really went fast and they started to pose together in everywhere. Then surprise came from Nickelback’s official twitter page with the message “Congrats Chad and Avril!”. Then Avril retweeted this message. Magazines wrote that Chod proposed to Lavigne with a 14-carat diamond ring.

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