How many popular sex tape scandals of 2000s are there?

Being a celebrity, especially Hollywood celebrity is hard. It means you have to stop everything in your life and only making it carefully and especially in your home. Even home is not secure because of workers and paparazzi’s. There were sex tape scandals before 90s but there was no internet and only a few people were watching the videos. After 90s, like many other things, sex tape scandals of celebrities started to be exploited. It was traditional to refuse that the man or woman in the video is him or her and it’s montage before 90s but today it’s not possible. How many popular sex tape scandals of 2000s are there?

Everything started with Pamela Anderson in 1998. It’s known the first leaked celebrity sex tape in the internet. It was Baywatch’s star Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee on the video. It was a tape recorded on the car in their honeymoon. Anderson firstly sued Internet Entertainment Group but then came to settlement. After first event cease fired, a second tape is leaked to internet. It was Pamela Anderson and musician, Bret Michaels. According to date on video, it was before Tommy Lee. Bret Michaels stopped leak of all video to net but 4 minutes part leaked the net.
Paris Hilton is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of Hilton Hotels. She’s rich but she was not so popular before her sex tape leaked to net. It was Paris Hilton and Rick Salomon on the video. Paris was 19 and Rick was 30. When video is released, it was the time Rick Salomon was making promotion of his new show The Simple Life. No one was waiting such a big scandal and Hilton tried hard to control the damage. “Red Light District” Company released DVD version of tape as “1 Night in Paris” After video leaked, it opened the doors of show business to Paris Hilton and she’s now a successful reality TV star, fashion designer, author and musician.

Kim Kardashian was the daughter of a popular American Family, Kardashians. She was young and sexy but no one was waiting such a sex tape. It was Kim Kardashian and singer, Ray J on video and total length was 39 minutes. They tried to stop leaking to internet but it was an experiment that when something is leaked to net, it’s not possible to stop it. Like Paris Hilton, video opened the doors of show business to Kim Kardashian.
It was 2003 and Collin Farrell’s star was shining on Hollywood. A 14-minute sex tape is leaked to internet on same year. It was Collin Farrell and Playboy bunny, Nicole Narain in the video. Farrell sued Narain and accepted video but said it was private. Farrell won the sue but video is still on the internet.
Chelsea Handler is popular with her late show and she’s now only one woman making such night shows. She’s successful and sharp-tongued. It was a surprise when magazines wrote first rumors about Chelsea Handler’s sextape. It was The VHS tape recorded 15 years ago. In video, Chelsea Handler was recording a homemade sex tape but it was not clear that is it real sex or only montage. Chelsea Handler claimed that it was only joke and she showed the video on many birthdays and send it to her fans. When many fans started to upload same video to internet, it’s believed that Chelsea is right.
There were also strange sex tapes of celebrities on the history. One of them is Verne Troyer’s 50 minutes sex tape. Dwarf star of “Mini Me in Austin Powers” sued the website showing clips $20 million.

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