How many American Presidents had a nickname?

American Presidents are famous for their nicknames. These nicknames are mostly given by FBI for security. Sometimes people also gave nicknames to American Presidents. Nicknaming started on George Washington. Every time when nickname of president revealed, FBI changed it. Some nicknames were about their lifestyle, some of them were about their secrets or birth places. John Tyler was the only president took his nickname from his opponents. Chester A. Arthur was the first president used the nickname given by children. How many American Presidents had a nickname?

All American presidents had a nickname. George Washington’s nicknames were The American Cincinnatus, The American Fabius and The Father of His Country because of war he won.

James Madison was known as Little Jemmy because he was shorter than normal. He’s known as the shorter man governed the America.

Martin Van Buren was known as The Careful Dutchman because his first language was Dutch and he was speaking it on the home mostly.

Abraham Lincoln used the nickname Liberator. People were also nicknamed him as Uncle Abe because he was talking friendly with them.

Gerald Ford was known as Mr. Nice Guy because his image was clean and friendly. He especially chose the colors of peace.

Father George H. W. Bush’s nickname was Poppy. This nickname is coming from his childhood because his friends were calling him as Poppy.

Bill Clinton’s nickname was Bubba and people were calling him also as Bubba. George W. Bush is nicknamed a Dubya because his Texas accent is pronouncing W as Dubya. Barack Obama is known as “No Drama Obama” by people.

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