How many years an average crow lives?

Crows are one of the most common bird types seen all over the world. It’s possible to see crow types from Ethiopia to America.

They are known as most intelligent animal in the world. They have some different characteristic moves than other animals. This moves created lots of legend about cows especially in lifetime period of them. How many years an average crow lives?

Crows have lots of legends about shiny item collecting, founding baby crow, their lifetime and more. Most common story about cows is about collecting shiny items. Researches showed that cows don’t collect anything. Especially wild cows don’t have any similar behavior. But some home growth cows may learn to take and carry shining items.

Other legend of cows is about baby cows. There are lots of stories about finding a cow and attacking by a large number cow herd. Crow attacking is right but not all types of crows attacking.

Crows sleep in big groups. It’s called “roosts”. Crows sleep in roosts because of security. Crows mostly dies in winter months and the crow society is less than normal. So crows come together to sleep.

Another famous legend of cows is about their lifetime. There are some stories that a cow may live over 100 years. Last researches showed that cows mostly lives for 20 years. There’s only a kind of cows in America that lives for 30 years rarely. The oldest crow known now was an American Crowd lived for 29 years.

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