How many times Jhon Cena won WWE Championship?

John Cena, Jhon Cena or John Felix Anthony Cena with his full name is one of America’s most popular professional wrestlers and actors nowadays. He’s a real champion with various championships in various tournaments. He has also the record that held the world championship title for 380 days. He has also seen on shows like Deal or No Deal, Saturday Night Live. Also he has a rap album “You Can’t See Me” and seen on movies like The Marine and 12 Rounds. How many times Jhon Cena won WWE Championship?

Jhon Cena was born 1977. After played football on college, he graduated from exercise physiology and started to interest bodybuilding. He started WWE career on 2000 and fans loved his strong face. After losing a tournament, his attack to Kidman made him a popular villain on newspapers. After lots of matches Cena was defeated, he won United States Championship on 2004 but then lost it to Carlito. After The Marine movie he took back United States Championship from Carlito.

Jhon Cena’s popularity on fans is coming from various reasons. One of them is his championship stories. His all championships came with dramatic and powerful stories. Other is his special signature moves and finishing moves.

When he first won the WWE Championship, it was 2005 and he was drafted to Raw. It was the first time a wrestler became champion in the year he drafter in the first pick. Last match was in WrestleMania 21 of Los Angeles. After he won his second on Royal Rumble of Miami, he became champion again in 2006 after a tables, ladders, and chairs match.

Jena won the title again at “I Quit” match in 2009.  It was an “Breaking Point” organization in Montreal. After caught The Viper, he forced him to surrender. It was one of the most brutal events in WWE Championship history. John Jena holds the title on 2009 with the “Bragging Rights” organization in Pittsburgh. It was a “Anything Goes Iron Man match” for 60 minutes and situation was forcing the Jena to leave “Raw” if he lose.

John Cena took back the title from Sheamus in 2010 February. It was an Elimination Chamber in St. Louis. He beat Triple H, Ted DiBiase, Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton to took back the title.

In March 2010, Raw brand was having some problems and WrestleMania XXVI was becoming more important for brand every day. Organization was in Glendale and John Jena returned title to Raw Brand back.

John Cena’s another won was in May 2011. It was a steel cage match in Extreme Rules organization of Tampa. Cena was known with some problems in steel cage matches but he achieved this Triple Threat match.

John Cena’s 2011 June title was some controversial and many authorities are accepting Cena as champion. It was a Raw organization in Hampton. He defeated Mysterio and won the title. But on same night, CM Punk returned back and beat Cena. But it was a strange night that Cena was overtired.

John Cena won his last title in 2011 September. It was Night of Champions organization in Buffalo. Cena started the night with stealing The Mexican Aristocrat’s car. It was a shocking moment for The Mexican Aristocrat. After a hard match, Cena beat The Mexican Aristocrat and won the title.

Jhon Cena also has lots of awards like Wrestler of the Year in 2007 and 2010, Best Box Office Draw in 2007, Feud of the Year in 2011, Match of the Year vs Cm Punk in 2011 and Best Gimmick in 2003. He has also nicknames like “”The Doctor of Thuganomics” and “The Cenation Leader”.

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