How Many Different Varieties of Apples Are There in the world?

For the people, in the world there are lots of different plants and other things to eat or to get benefit. Out nature is so valuable that from the point of the not only for the plants but also for the benediction that we can find whatever we can on the nature. There are lots of different fruits in the world and almost all of them are beneficial for the people and people are using them in their lives not only in order to ear them but also on the other hand they are using them in different ways such as making juice and for the other things such as sweet and pie. golden-elma-satmak-istiyorum

Fruits are not only important and beneficial for the people but on the other hand they are beneficial for the animals that are living in the world. Especially in the places like the forest animals can find fruits in order to keep their lives continue and they can get benefit from them by eating them. On this point today we are going to make an analysis about the apple and the varieties of the apple. Apple is a fruit and most generally its color is red. When we look at the history of the apple we can easily say that the roots of the apple are based upon the regions of north Anatolia (where is now Turkey) South Caucasus and the regions of the southwest of the Russia. To the whole world the apple is spread from the region of Middle East. When we look at the ecologic features of the apple we can see that it can endure the temperatures up to -35 centigrade degree and apple doesn’t like hot and drought. They don’t like the soil that is with stone and limy. In the world now the apple are produced too much extend for example we can see the statistics of the year of 2010 that the countries that produce apple and the amount of the apple.



People’s Republic of China 33 265 186     

 United States                        4 212 330       

 Turkey                                 2 600 000       

 Italy                                      2 204 970       

 India                                     2 163 400       

 Poland                                  1 858 970       

 France                                  1 711 230       

 Iran                                       1 662 430       

 Brazil                                    1 275 850       

 Chile                                     1 100 000


When we look at the kinds of apples in the world, in accordance with the experts we can say that there are approximately 7500 kinds of apple. In the whole world people like to eat the apple too much extend and in their kitchen they are using the apple in may desserts such as apple pie, apple crumble, apple crisp and apple cake. And when we look at the values of apple from the point of nutrition we can see that there are lots of benefits of apple to the people from the values of nutrition, it gives energy to the people and in accordance with the experts it is protecting people from the different kind of diseases such as cancer.


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