How many rooms are there in White House?

White House is the official residence of all American Presidents. Also Presidents are using it as a workplace. American Presidents are using it since John Adams. White House has seen some minor and major reconstructions in history. Two main constructions are made by Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy. John F. Kennedy gave the modern shape of inside White House. Also coloring the rooms helped people for usage. Today it’s not possible to renovate White House without approval of “Committee for the Preservation of the White House”. How many rooms are there in White House?

Today, there are 132 rooms in White House. Also place has 35 bathrooms. Public access is possible but limited to White House. Also there’s a huge security web on the place. There was no air control over White House but after some problems, it’s possible to see air control today.

There are lots of different rooms for various aims. One of them is “The Executive Residence”. “The Executive Residence” is mostly using for official ceremonies and invitations. President and his family mostly use The State Floor for daily. There are rooms like Dining Room, Blue Room and Red Room in this floor.

The Ground Floor is mostly using for Diplomatic acceptance. Map Room, Library Room and famous China Room is on this floor.

The second floor is mostly using as family residence. Bedroom’s and President’s Dining Room are in here. The third floor includes fun rooms like Solarium and Game Room.

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