How Many Times in a Day a Normal Person Blink?

When we think about the body of the people it is possible to see that there is a perfect balance between the things that people do in their lives about their bodies. In the bodies of people there are lots of movements and some of them are done by the people intentionally but on the other hand there are lots of movements that people do that are out of the control of them and almost all of these movements are the result of the balance of the body.


If we look at the environment even our life, it is easy to see these movements. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the eyes of the people and we will look at the number of blink does a person averagely in a day. In our body as all we know, we have organs and all of these organs are very important, they are so important that even we don’t have any of them it will be very difficult for us to keep our lives to continue even we can die on account of the lacking of these organs. On this point, the eyes are one of the most important organs that we have in our bodies. As all we know, without using our eyes we can’t see the world that is available in our environment. By using the eyes our brain takes the signals that are send from our eyes and as a result of the process the event of the seeing is created by the brain. The brain and the eyes are connected to each other and when we look at the process of the seeing it can be like a long process but on the other hand when we think about how this process becomes fast, it seems that it is a perfect process. Now let’s look at the number of blink that a person does in a day averagely.

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Why Do We Blink?


First, it is possible to say that we are blinking in order to keep the balance of the eyes and the brain and on the other hand more specifically we are blinking in order to clean our eyes. In a normal process our eyes must be wet otherwise there can be bad results about the eyes like the blinding and because of this we are blinking in order to keep our eyes wet. Our eyes are looking to the things that are on our environment and when we think about the environments being not wet and with dust, our eyes are exposed to these dusts and in order to clean them our body is producing the tears. When we look at the number of blinks that we have in a day averagely, in accordance with the researches that are done by the experts, in a day we are blinking 18 thousand times in a day and as a result of the process we are keeping our eyes clean and healthy.


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