How Many Twitter Users are there in the World?

A short view of Twitter

With the rapid development of the technology in the world, in each home people have personal computers and again thanks to the development of the technology internet access in very easy today when we compare to the ten years ago. People can reach the internet whenever and wherever they want even by using their mobile phones they can reach the internet in an easy way. With the rapid development of the internet, the numbers of people who are using the internet are becoming widespread day by day and thanks to this increasing number as a result some internet sites for news or entertainment also developed to much extend. Twitter-1


Especially social media internet sites are very popular in today’s world. Such internet sites like Facebook and Twitter are very popular along the world. People can make communication between each other by using these internet sites and they are always in contact with each other thanks to these social media sites. Now, let’s look at the Twitter. It is a site of social media and micro blog. It lets its users to write 140 characters in order to express their feelings of what they want to say. On the other hand, people can share videos, photographs songs and other things by using Twitter. Twitter is so popular that for example anybody can find a popular person they want to follow and he or she can see the twits of that person. The twits that users write can be seen by all people but there is an another opinion for example; a user can limit his or her twits for only his or her friends.



. Especially, in the elections that are done in the year of 2008 in the United States of America, Barack Obama who is the president of America now, uses twitter in order to express their feelings to the people and he makes his politic by using the twitter. Like this event there are lots of events that twitter is used for the connection with the people from the different parts of the world. People can reach each other in an easy way by using twitter. In the year of 2006, it is started to use by Jack Dorsey and he is the founder of twitter and from that time twitter has been collecting its popularity from the different parts of the world. According to the last statistics, twitter has 554,750,000 users in the world and this number is being continued in each minute. The number of twitter users signing up every day is 135,000; every month about 190 million people are visiting twitter. It is working with the system of follower unlike facebook and this is another point that makes twitter so popular. In twitter famous people are earning money, for example; famous American TV star Kim Kardashian has followers up to 16 million and for the tweet as a advertisement that she twit, she is earning about 8000 dollars.tweet

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