How Many Times Bigger Than The Earth is The Sun?

Are you interested in science? Do you have any idea about the universe and the planets and the world? Do you make any researches that are related to the earth, planets and the sun? 


When we think about the general point, it is possible to see that our universe is very big and in accordance with the recent researches that are done by the experts, there is no evidence about where is the ending of the universe is and if we say that the all knowledge of the universe is still unknown by the experts and the other people, it is not an incorrect information and in the whole world today, long before the 2013 lots of different researches have started and it is possible to see that in the future that researches will be continued by the people and maybe one day the people who are interested in science will find lots of different knowledge about the universe because in our era it is possible to say that there are lots of different development in the field of the technology and it seems that because of the interest of the people in the future this developments will be increased too much extend. When we look at the universe, there are 8 different planets in the lunar of the sun and when we look at the history of them we can see that in the year of the 1919 the community whose name is IAU accepts that the number of the planets and the names of the planets and from that time to your day, people have been using those names that of the planets and it seems that in the future their names will not be changed. Again, at this point people have been making researches about whether there is life or not in the different planets but they have little information about them and it can be said that there is not anybody who are living in those planets and maybe in the future the people who are in those research will have much more information about them.


When we look at the names of those planets, we can see that their names are


♀ Venus


♂ Mars




On the other hand in our universe, the biggest thing is the sun and it is affecting all of the planets and the universe too much extend. Not only the light of the sun but also the heat of the sun affect the planets and if there is no sun in the universe, it is possible to live and keep their lives to go on not only the people but also the animals. When we look at the how big is the sun is, we can see that it is a huge inanimate thing and in accordance with the current researches that are done by the science men, the greatness of the sun is 330,000 time bigger than the earth.



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