How Many Tigers Are There In the World?

How Many Tigers Are There In the World?


Tigers are one of the most amazing animals from the Felidae family and without a doubt, they are considered to be the most powerful ones. Unlike most of the other species, these animals prefer to live alone. Only mother tigers will live with their babies. However, when these babies will reach enough size and age to hunt on their own, they will be left by their mother. The other period where two tigers can hang together is the mating seasons. In other times, tigers have zero tolerance to each other and it is definite that they will fight with each other when they encounter.


They protect their areas without any doubt. They are great animals which can jump and catch a man who is on the elephant. In addition to these, they are the only species from the Felidae family which likes to swim. Tigers go in the water in order to cool themselves. Moreover, they can hunt animals in the water too. They like to prepare a trap and wait for their hunts. Or they can take the advantage of their power and take down any animal in the forests. Some type of tigers can live in the snowy areas as well.


When we check the statistics we can see that the amount of the tigers decreased by 97% in the last then decade starting from the 1900s. It is a fact that tigers are facing the danger of extinction. Today, many organizations are doing their best to keep these animals alive. However, the mankind is destroying the habitats of these animals and some of the countries even still kill them when they see them in the wilds. People are destroying their homes and they get close to these animals. Keep in mind that, these animals are one of the deadliest animals that you can encounter in the wilds.


The amount of the tigers are around 3200. They are not able to live under any condition. They live in the limited areas of the world and the urbanization is their biggest enemy. The damage we do nature is facing many animals with the extinction danger. This is also a great issue for the ecosystem in the areas we destroy. Please note that the amount we have shared with your is just a guess made by experts. The exact amount of these animals are still unknown since they are the master of hiding.


Most of these animals live in and around the India. Most of the efforts are made in this area. Moreover, we track these animals with the newly developed equipment. Today, most of the wild animal experts do their best in order to increase the amount of the tigers in nature. We hope that our children and grandchildren will be able to see these magnificent animals in their lives. For now, the condition of the tigers are very risky and we have nothing to do but hope the best for these great animals. We will be expecting good news from the experts.

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