How Many Stores Does Starbucks Have in the World Today?

With the rapid development of the technology especially after the period that is the using of the power of steam and industrial revolution, almost in all of the world there have been a market that is for people that make people to buy something and in order to spend their money in those places. Especially when we look at the period that is last two decades we can see that almost all around the whole world there have been lots of shopping malls and it seems that in the future the number of these shopping malls will be increased because of the high demand of the people who are living in the places that are very crowded and these places especially the cities and their population is very high.

Starbucks coffee

In our modern day people are always working and with the effect of the capitalism they have to work too much and long hours in order to get money in order to keep their lives continue and unlike the old times people are living and also working in the cities that’s population are very high and in almost all of these cities it is very difficult to be social because people are working long hours and they don’t have time to talk to each other. On this point it can be easily seen the effects of the shopping malls, after the work people want to be social and they want to talk to other people and maybe they want to drink coffee or other things, on this point we can understand that the importance of the shopping malls too much extend. In accordance with a research %70 of the people are going to the shopping malls in order to be social.


As we said before the market is very widespread today and in the whole world there are lots of different brands in each field. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the brand of the Starbucks. It is one of the most popular and one of the most important coffee company all around the whole world. When we look at the general point, we can see that there are millions of the people who are consuming the products of the Starbucks and again we can say that they like the products to much extend. Starbucks is the chains of the coffee brand and it is originally from The United States of the America, the Starbucks gets its name from the story of the Moby Dick and its sign is a mermaid. All around the whole world we can see there are lots of stores of Starbucks. In accordance with a research that is done currently, all around the whole world there are approximately 16.635 stores of Starbucks. There are 11,068 in the United States of America and there are 1000 in Canada and there are also 800 in the country of Japan. Most probably in the future this number will be increased because of the high demand for the Starbucks.


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