How many girlfriends of Ellen Degeneres are there?

Ellen DeGeneres is today one of the most iconic TV personalities in the world. She’s very successful as stand-up comedian and television host and she also works as actress. She’s now making The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She started to her TV journey with “Ellen” in 1994 and lasted this show in 1998. Then after making The Ellen Show for one year, she started The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She also became an iconic character after she came out as a Lesbian in Oprah Winfrey Show. This news became top in USA and discussed for weeks. She’s also an ethical vegan and opened a website ‘Going Vegan with Ellen.’ Her relationships always became top news. How many girlfriends of Ellen Degeneres are there?

First known girlfriend of Ellen Degeneres was Kathy Perkoff. According to Ellen, she was the first “serious one.” They like to go “Charlene” the popular lesbian bar of New Orleans and the owner of bar then made an interview about their relationship. Ellen Degeneres were calling Kathy Perkoff as “Kat.” She was a poet and writing poems for Ellen Degeneres. According to owner of bar, Kathy Perkoff died in a traffic accident in 1980 when she was 23. According to Kathy Perkoffs’ sister Rachel, they were good friends in 70s and they became lover in late 70s. According to Rachel, they were in a free spirit relationship and Ellen influenced the art of Kathy Perkoff. According to magazines, they were together for 6 years before accident.

Teresa Boyd. Teresa Boyd was the producer of Ellen’s TV Show “Ellen.” Also they worked together at “Taste This” in 1996. It’s true that the interval of her relationship were always controversial because she always says different numbers about the years of her relationships. People believe that Ellen Degeneres and Teresa Boyd were together for 8 years. Relationship was going well but it was problematic times for Ellen. She thought that there’s a problem in their relationship while they are going to marriage. Also pressure over them was high because of lesbian marriage and Ellen started to go a therapist. In an interview, she told that she left all her lovers only Anne left her. According to Ellen, countless media phones and other coverage forced her into “mired in depression” mood.
In 2000, she started a new romantic relationship with Anne Heche. She was a bisexual actress playing in the minor roles. She was a promising actress when she took Daytime Emmy Award in 1991 but then she only appeared in small budget movies in Hollywood. After they broke up, Anne Heche wrote lots of books about Ellen and revealed all her secrets. She was so detailed that their hours on making love was available in the interviews. After years, Ellen gave an interview to The Advocate and said she left all her relationships but only Anne left her. According to Ellen’s friends and fans, Ellen thinks that she made a fault with going in Anne Heche.
Ellen Degeneres met Alexandra Hedison in 2001. She was a popular photographer and director of Hollywood. Magazines show deep interest in this relationship and they made various break up news every day. Last news about Ellen Degeneres and Alexandra Hedison were that they get married in a secret wedding but they had broken up in this moment. Magazines also wrote that Ellen said “We wear them proudly as a symbol of our commitment,” to her friend. They appeared in the cover of The Advocate after they broken up.
DeGeneres is still in the relationship with Portia de Rossi till 2004. After California laws allowed same-sex marriage in 2008, Ellen announced that they were engaged. Portia de Rossi changed her name to Portia Lee James DeGeneres in 2010.

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