How many popular myths are there about new technology products are there?

Technology is running fast and it’s hard to follow or catch it. We are buying something new and after some months, it’s older and it’s hard to sell as second hand. We have also many myths about technological products and we are paying more and more even we don’t need so extra features and an older version is enough. It’s possible to find a big price difference between products and it’s hard to understand why some of them are so expensive even they have same features. Most of the people buy the most expensive one but they don’t have any extra feature. How many popular myths are there about new technology products are there?

One of the most common myths about technological products is about cables. Most of the people believe that if a cable is more expensive than others, it gives a higher sound and picture quality. But they are not. It’s true that analogue cables may have quality differences between them but today we all using HDMI cables and they don’t have any quality difference because there’s a technology standard and they have to obey it. It means that there’s no picture or sound quality difference between $10 and $40 HDMI cables but premium cables over $500 makes it but no one needs such high quality on home cinema systems. Also sound and picture output of your device is important. It’s not possible to listen music with higher quality if you are using a speaker on Ipod and Mp3.

Another popular myth about new technology products is about their sell position. Most of the people believe that if a product is refurbished, it’s used and it will not work well. To solve this myth, we firstly need to know where refurbished products are coming from. They are mainly retailer demos, products with damage on box, returned items after sold and defective items that are fixed on company. So refurbished products need to take “Factory certified” to be sold especially in US and EU and they are not “used” products. Some experts believe that they are stronger than products sold in first hand because they are making “a second quality check” in factory.
Other big myth about new technology products is about extended warranty. It’s a common trick and risk that when you pay more, you may take extended warranty for your product. But user experiences showed that most of the technological products are being useless when it’s the end of current warranty and customers are buying something new with new technology. Also most of the products sent to service after first warranty period expired are returning back as “user fault and out of warranty”. It’s a main strategy that technology companies are using. So not paying more for extended warranty is good because you will pay less when the product is broken after warranty expired.
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