How Many Sony Playstations have been sold up to now?

A Short view to Sony Playstation

In our modern day people are always working in long hours and in order to be relaxed they are searching for alternative ways. Because of the fact that they are living in cities their going to the countryside can be difficult on this point they are finding new ways to ease themselves on this point we can say that playing video games of consoles are the most popular ways for people in order to be relaxed. 



Not only the people who are working in long hours but also the people who have normal lives or the children are playing those video games and game consoles. On this point in our modern day there are lots of popular game consoles. In here beyond at any doubt it can be said that the most popular game console is Playstation that are produced by huge technology manufacturer SONY. First of all if we look at the history of Playstation it can be better. Playstation (PS, PS1, PS One) is produced in the year of 1994 first and up to the year of 2004 it is produced. When the company of Nintendo cancels the CDs that order to the Sony then the company of Sony decides to produce a CS Rom player. There are six different types of Playstation, three of them are for the home and the other three of them are for the portable using. By using Playstation people can do lots of things. For instance; people can watch VCD with the help of the movie card of Playstation and as a result of this they can watch movies on their homes without being bored. On the other hand again with the lots of features of PS, people can listen to music. The most important feature of the Playstation is to play video games. When we look at the Playstation 3 people can reach the internet and it is one of the most important features of the console and via internet people can connect to each other’s console and they can play games by using the features of multimedia of the games.



The number of Playstation that have been sold up to now.

When we look at the Playstation from the point of trade we see that the company of Sony succeeds in from the point of economic way after the production of Playstation. Almost all over the world, people are playing games by using Playstation and each year they are buying or changing their consoles. Let’s look at the number of Playstation that are sold up to now. Up to now, PS 1 has been sold about 102.5 million, PS2 157.5 million, PS3 66.5 Million, PSP 74.5 Million and when we look at the total number we see that 401 million units have been sold up to now. Most probably in future with the rapid development of the technology Sony will change and produce new products instead of PS3 and again people will buy them too much extend.


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