How Many Chinese dialects are there altogether?

The situation of the China in the world.

In the whole world there are lots of languages that people talk with each other. When we look at the modern world English is one of the most spoken languages along the whole world after the language of English there are other languages that are spoken. Chinese is another language after the language of English when it is thought from the point of popularity. images


Because of the high population of the China, it is one of the most spoken languages in the world. From the point of trade field again China is the first. Wherever you go in the world you can see the Chinese products easily because of the fact that the cheap labor force of the people in China. It can be said that in the next ten or twenty years China will be the most powerful country in the world and the Chinese language will be the most popular language because of the fact that the rapid development of the Chinese trade and as a result of this Chinese Language. Now we are going to look at the Chinese language in general.

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A short view to Chinese Language

Chinese language is one of the most spoken languages that are available in the world because of the high population of the China. The Chinese Language is spoken almost 1 billion people around the China, there are lots of sublanguages of China but people accept all of them as Chinese Language. One of the five people in the world speak Chinese Language and it can be said that the language of Chinese is formed by lots of small languages and because of this lots of people accept Chinese not only a language but they are accepting it as a family of languages. The most spoken type of the Chinese language is Mandarin. And according to current research that are done by experts we can say that in Chinese Language there are approximately 250 dialects and these 250 dialects are different than each other as a result of this it can be said that the reason why the language of the Chinese is so difficult it the differences of these dialects. People who want to learn Chinese must know almost all of these dialects otherwise they can’t understand the language. The most spoken type as we said before is Mandarin. Mandarin is spoken by almost 850 million people, after the idiom of Mandarin the second dialect is Wu. The dialect of Wu is spoken by people who are living around the city of Shanghai and the number of people who are speaking this dialect is about 90 million. When we look at the alphabet of Chinese we can say that the history of the alphabet of Chinese is based upon 3500 years before from our modern day. The letters that are in the language of Chinese are not form the vocabularies by combining with each other but on the other hand for each character there is a meaning.

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