How many conspiracy theories are there about 9/11?

September 11 attacks or 9/11 with its popular name is a series of terrorist attacks made by al-Qaeda against United States in New York City and the Washington, D.C. Date of terrorist attacks was September 11, 2001. Some al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked airplanes and hit the important points of U.S country. World Trade Center, The Pentagon and United States Capitol were the main targets of attacks. According to official records, over 3.000 people died on the attacks. Osama bin Laden and his terrorist group is claimed the responsibility of attacks. After attacks, U.S declared “War on Terror” and invaded Afghanistan. After shock of first days, many videos and more are released about attacks. Many people started to believe that it’s not an attack of al-Qaeda directly and there are some different reasons behind attacks. How many conspiracy theories are there about 9/11?

First and most popular conspiracy theory is based on silence of air force of U.S. Air Force of U.S is known as the best of the world and there are many groups in this force only tasked with keeping U.S air safe. According to conspiracy theorists, US Vice President Dick Cheney ordered Air Force to stay and waited the planes hit the towers. Some conspiracy theorists announced that they have some documents about it but they didn’t reveal them. Also some of them believe that weapons are for looking out over the ocean because of cold war and they are not ready for such attack. According to official reports, event was so unusual that U.S Air Force was not ready and reflected late. Also Air Force was in a routine military training exercise and they were not ready for these attacks.

Another theory is about collapse of Twin Towers. Many people believe that Twin Towers collapsed so quickly that it’s not possible for such a strong and big building. It was only 1.5 hours enough for collapse but it must be at least 4-5 hours. Also they collapsed into their footprints which are very hard to believe according to conspiracy theorists. According to them, collapse of towers caused by controlled demolitions. Many people reported that they heard explosions before collapse. Also it’s possible to see violent ejections in some windows before ejections. According to official reports, planes directly demolished support columns and fire-proofing went out of order. Over 10,000 gallons of jet fuel spread into floors and they boomed with fire. Also report claims that controlled demolitions start from bottom but this collapse started from top.
Another popular conspiracy theory is about Pentagon attacks. Conspiracy theorists ask questions about how an amateur pilot flies a big commercial plane and hit the Pentagon after 78 minutes of hijacking. In first days of attack, many people believed that it was not a plane but a missile hit the Pentagon. But then U.S released evidences about American Airlines Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. But there was no clear answer about difficult maneuver pilot made to hit the Pentagon. Many people said that plane was under control of Pentagon. Official report said that footage and photos from airplane wreckage is on FBI Catalogue. Also identifications are made by DNA.
Also there are many conspiracy theories about “The fourth plane” According to news, United Airlines flight 93 is also hijacked but passengers realized it and fought with hijackers. At last, plane fell down to Shanksville, Pennsylvania. There was less news about United Airlines flight 93 in TV. Also the aircraft debris was not highly visible. Many people believed that plane was hit by a missile and it scattered plane into a big area. Official report said that there are clear photos about wreckage.

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