How many signs of a sudden miscarriage are there?

Miscarriage is the spontaneous end of pregnancy. It can be on fetus or embryo stage. It’s mostly seen on early pregnancy. It’s a common fear of pregnant that baby dead or not moving for a long time. There are many causes of abortion and it can by physiological or physical faults, hormonal problems, wrong exercise or other. Uterine malformation can be a reason of miscarriage in second trimester. Pregnant must be under control, controls can decrease the danger of miscarriage but it can be sudden and without any reason. Pregnant women are very sensitive about their baby and they mostly give wrong alarm about miscarriage but all signs must be check especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. How many signs of a sudden miscarriage are there?

Most common sudden sign of miscarriage is baby’s stop to move. Especially till 28 weeks, moves of babies are very irregular and a baby can stop moving for a long period. It can be normal. But especially after 28 weeks, babies are very active and a stop on the action can be felt by pregnant easily. It’s a long period till 28th week and it means mother and baby has a sensational connection inside. So mother knows how the baby moves, how much she moves, when she stops and what time she is starting to move. It can be little changes on the daily movement period of baby but if there’s a major change, you must call the doctor immediately. Doctor will ask you some questions and want some moves. If baby is moving slowly, he can offer some exercise or monitoring in hospital.

If a woman is pregnant for the first time, she may misunderstand the contractions and their meaning but after three months, she will understand all. There are different contraction types for different pregnancies and it can also be painful even in the early contractions. It’s hard to understand the reason of contractions if you are not a doctor or midwife. Contractions are rarely a sign of sudden miscarriage but they must be followed by doctor.
Most common problem taking pregnant women into panic is bleeding.
Each bleeding is not the sign of miscarriage in the pregnancy. Also all bleedings are not dangerous. It’s true that a woman can feel if a bleeding is normal or problematic. It’s also important to know about pregnancy type. Some placentas can be in the wrong place and these women are carrying more danger than other women and bleeding can be a sign of sudden miscarriage.
Diabetes in pregnancy is a common problem. It can start on pregnancy and stop after birth. In some situations, doctor may offer you to use insulin for blood sugar. Pregnant with low or high blood sugar are carrying some risks for sudden miscarriage. Doctors mostly offer some practice to balance the blood sugar at home but if it isn’t going to balance even you made all practices, you must call doctor for a sudden miscarriage. It can also be dangerous for pregnant and cause coma or death.
Abdominal pain is the main problem of pregnant women. It’s normal because of baby but if level of abdominal pain started suddenly and getting higher in every moment, it can be a sign of sudden miscarriage. If there’s a miscarriage with sudden high abdominal pain, it can be dangerous for you and your baby.
Amniotic fluid is vital for both pregnant women and baby. If water is coming early than birth, it can be dangerous because woman can get infection or baby can grow immature.


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