How Many TV channels are there in the whole world?

With the industrial revolution there are lots of different developments in the different fields in the world. Especially in the development of the technology the industrial revolution take very important role. When we think about our modern day we can see that there are lots of technologies that we cannot live maybe without them. They are basically mobile phones, internet and the

Almost all of the people from the different regions of the world are using these types of the technological tools. Today we are going to analyze the television and the television channels that are broadcasting from the different regions of the whole world. When we look at the word of the “Television” we can say that it takes its origin from the old Greek. In old Greek “Tele” means far and “Vision” is on the other hand means sight. In our daily life we are using the television too much extend, for example we are using them in our work places in our homes and even in our cars we have television. It takes so important part of our lives that we can not live without watching the television. In the television there are lots of programs such as news, series and other entertaining programs. Each people have something to take from the television and because of this fact almost all of the people like the television too much extend. Now we are going to look to the history of the invention of the television.



The History of the Television


Television is a communication tool and it is run by the electromagnetic waves, in short when we look at the running principle of the television we see that the receiver is getting the waves from the transmitters and with the help of the tools that have inside it the receiver is turning them to the seen and sound waves. When we look at the history of the television we can see that in the year of the 1923 in the Hastings village of the England it is invented by a scientist whose name is John Logie Baird. The first sight of the television again is broadcasted by John Logie Baird in the year of 1926. At first the quality of the sight is not so good and there are only points and after some time Baird develops this and the television has been developing too much extend from that time on to our modern day. At the beginnings of the time that the television is invented there are only a few television channels but when we think about our modern era with the rapid development of the technology today in accordance with the experts there are approximately 150.000 television channels all around the whole world and most probably this number will be increase too much extend in the future because of the high demand to the television. It seems that at the end of the world the televisions will be a part of our lives.

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