How many categories are there in Wii Fitness game?

Wii Fit is one of the most popular games for Wii game console. It needs Wii balance board for some of the games inside. Game is released in December 1, 2007 in Japan and April 25, 2008 in EU. Wii Fit made a big commercial success and became the third bestselling console game in history. It’s over 22 million copies by 2012. Wii Fit and its follower Wii Fit Plus are mainly produced for home usage but they are also using in health clubs for physiotherapy rehabilitation. How many categories are there in Wii Fitness game?

There are 4 main categories in Wii Fit game. They are Yoga, strength training, balance games and Aerobics. Yoga is one of the most popular categories in Wii Fit. It’s including most popular Yoga activities all over the world. Main way to make Yoga activities needs Wii Balance Board. Game shows a personal trainer and trainer firstly shows the activity. When it’s over gamer shapes her body as a mirror of trainer and balance board shows the position’s accuracy. Yoga activities start with Deep Breathing. Also popular positions like Half-Moon, Tree, Downward Facing Dog and Shoulder Stand are possible in Yoga activities. After all activities, Wii Fit game gives a score to player.

Strength training is a combination of easy and hard activities. Wii Fit game offers some stretching and warming activities before strength training. Accuracy of player’s movement is controlling by Wii Balance Board and some activities need Wii Joystick and a special tool called Nunchuck. Strength training activities start with single leg extension. Also popular moves like Torso Twists, Rowing Squat, Triceps Extension and Jackknife Challenge are possible in this category.
Aerobics category has three subcategories as step aerobics, hula hooping and jogging. Hula Hooping is the reflection of popular hip twirling game. There is simple Hula Hoop game and Super Hula Hoop game in menu. Simple Hula Hoop game needs only one side twirling and Super Hula Hoop needs two sides twirling. Step aerobics is a popular game with rhythmic gameplay. Basic step is some slower and needs only step up and down movement. Super Step needs some side and similar moves. Wii Balance Board must be used for this activity. Free Step is also possible. Jogging is playable by Wii Controller only. Game offers to push it in pocket but also holding it in hand is possible. Player follows a trainer in jogging and there are three modes as small, long and island. Free Run game is using speaker on controller to direct the player and player can watch the TV while jogging in Free Run mode.

Balance Games includes 9 activities like slalom skiing, tightrope walking and Soccer Heading. Mainly activity on balance games is leaning right and left. Also there are some Yoga games like “Lotus Focus” that player needs to sit motionless behind the balance board.
Game took lots of positive reviews from world press. Official Nintendo Magazine gave %91, Eurogamer gave 8/10 and IGN gave 8.0/10. Magazines also criticized game by game menu style. A player needs to stop and choose another menu’s game so it means waiting for some in a long exercise period.

Wii Fit game is followed by Wii Fit Plus. It’s released on October 1, 2009 in Japan. Plus includes 15 more aerobic and balance games. The game menu is called as “Training Plus”. Game also includes multiplayer modes up to 8 players. Wii Fit Plus is sold with console mostly. Games like Rhythm Kung-Fu, Skateboard Arena and Snowball Fight became popular especially in youth.

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