How many healthy junk foods are there for losing weight?

Junk food is what all people like. It’s true that junk food is one of the main reasons we are taking weight. But also they are a requirement to eat because they have lots of important mineral and flavonoid that the body needs for fastening metabolism speed. Scientists and dieticians on twenty years ago was strictly prohibiting junk food but today they are adding some to all diet lists. Also some junk foods are playing an important role for being healthy. How many healthy junk foods are there for losing weight?

Today there are 10 main junk foods that dieticians offer for healthier lifestyle. Some of them are dried grape, nut, walnut and bitter chocolate.
Dried grape is an important junk food that can help to fill the junk food need of body and add some energy for waiting to main meal. You can also add some nuts near it. Dried grape and nut is an important source of iron and flavonoids. They are a must for giving weight in a short period.
Walnut is another healthy junk food that dieticians add to all diet lists nowadays. Walnut is one of the biggest sources for Omega 3. Main benefit of walnut and Omega 3 is fastening the metabolism. So you can lose more calories while you are sleeping or resting.
Fruit yogurt was thought as a dangerous fast food in its first years but today it evolved to a healthy junk food with low calories. Yogurt will fasten your metabolism in the day and fruits will give you the feel of stodgy. Best time for eating fruit yogurt is one hour before main meals. It’s the time body is nearly stopping and fruit yogurt will fasten your metabolism. Also eating it before sleeping will help your body and metabolism working faster.

It’s a wrong belief that eating oatmeal alone is helping to lose weight. Oatmeal only shows its real affect with some yogurt. They work together for fastening the metabolism.
Bitter chocolate is always believed as a high calorie product. But a little bitter chocolate with some milk has two-side important effects. One of them is giving happiness and relaxing the body. So your body will not produce gas and will not stop the digestion. Other important effect of bitter chocolate is fastening the speed of metabolism. Dieticians doesn’t offer bitter chocolate and milk before sleeping but eating them before meals will help to lose weight.
Eating a apple or orange between meals were also offering as healthy junk foods. But today it’s known that beside their calories they have a special sugar system that is known as glycemic index.

Summer months are very important for losing weight because people are more active than winter months. But only making deep and strict diets are not enough for losing weight. You must fasten your metabolism and never let it stop.
In last decades, all countries fought against junk food with its all categories. But today it’s possible to see that governments are trying to redirect people to healthier junk foods. Also some higher taxes are possible today especially in America and Canada for junk foods.

There are also new projects in America like salad gardens in schools, more healthy lunches, giving healthier junk food for school hours of children and more. Also it’s known that some junk foods are affecting brain’s working way and creating a low level addictiveness. So it’s very important to be careful while eating junk food continuously. You can also create some different mixtures from healthy junk foods.


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